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Connect and stretch classes


 4x 45-minute sessions for babies aged around 5-16 months in 2 separate classes (observers and explorers) using massage, gentle yoga stretches, singing, treasure baskets and more encouraging baby to use all their senses.  

You can book me to do these sessions in the comfort of your own home 1:1 or with friends! I can also do within a venue setting. look out for courses. 


These classes provide:

- An excellent bonding experience, enhancing communication and connection.

- Can help relive colic, wind and calm unsettled babies.

- Time for you and baby to relax and have fun.

- Easy routines that you can do at home.  


These classes will be at various venues or can be offered in the comfort of your own home with a group of friends, at a venue or on a one to one tuition.


Unlike baby massage these sessions can be done with clothes on as they start to get more wriggly and active. You will however be given oil to use at home.


There are songs with each routine, making it easy for you to remember. You will also be given the routines with songs and some homework to do at home with baby.  


These sessions are also a time for parents to relax and meet other mums, hand massage and angel card reading included if desired.


Each week we will be concentrating on different areas of the body and in week 4 we will recap on all the favourite massage and yoga movements with the songs.

 Week 1 Face, chest arms and fingers   Week 2 Legs and tummy

Week 3 Back                                            Week 4 whole body

 After each session there will be treasure baskets and other activities for babies to take part in.

 Prices may vary, according to group size, venue and distance.

I will be in touch via phone, Facebook or email for a pre consultation. You can also contact me here through my contact form below.

I am fully DBS checked, paediatric first aid trained, have 22 years’ experience in childcare and am a fully qualified baby massage and learn stretch and play instructor.


Why learn baby massage and yoga?

* Baby Massage is a relaxing experience for you and your child.

 *Will help you to feel more confident in yourself and to handle your child.

*You will feel more in tune with your child and feel able trust your nurturing instincts about what your child is trying to tell you through cues and non verbal signs.



* Helps to relieve colic, constipation, and wind.

*Improves breathing, digestion, growth and circulation.

* Can Improve quality of sleep and promote      better sleep routines.

*Stimulate the immune system.


*Encourages muscular and sensory co-ordination.

*Calms the emotions and relieves any trauma.

*Excellent bonding experience for you and the child. Helping you and the child to feel more connected.

*Helps to soothe the body, calm the mind and relieves any aches or pains.

* Can Improve skin conditions.


What should I bring?

Mats, yoga blocks, and cushions will be provided.

-Snack/feeding/changing equipment for your child

-A favourite toy or comforter

-Anything else you might normally need for your child

What if I miss a session or my child is poorly?

I will be repeating all the moves each week, so you can catch up on anything missed, I can also send the song sheets to you via pdf if you want to practise at home. 

What if my child cries during session?

We do not mind at all! You may find that your baby might cry or become distracted during a session, this is completely normal and does not mean that you are doing anything wrong or your child does not like what you are doing. Children can be unpredictable. If your child does cry you are the best judge whether to carry on the massage or continue, you can have a cuddle or distract them with an activity or their favourite toy, and then resume when you are ready. Some children will prefer shorter sessions, just a little bit of yoga or massage helps your child to relax.  

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