Week of 13th -19th November 2017

Monday- we have a Venus/Jupiter conjunction, this often brings us a positive day, bringing warm and happy feelings with an outgoing and optimistic attitude. It is also likely that if you are single a new relationship with someone new may be on the horizon, however remember that it's Scorpio season and this transit may also bring about deep feelings of possession, jealousy or resentment, so enjoy but be on guard. 


On the same day we have a Mercury/Neptune fight on our hands, so watch out for any misunderstanding or confusion, you may find yourself telling little white lies on this day too, to avoid a confrontation, but it is better to be honest. 


On Thursday we have a Venus/Neptune trine. its a day for day dreaming, romance and intuitive thinking. You will feel compassionate towards others and have an understanding of how they are feeling, if you can show someone how much that you appreciate them as they are probably in need of some reassurance. 

If there was someone that you haven't heard from since august, you may hear from them out of the blue today. 


On Saturday we have the Scorpio new moon, the first part of this month has been intense to say the least. Whether you have lost someone, heard some bad news, had to walk away from someone or feel like you have been taken for granted then today is the day to let go and forgive yourself. There is not anything that you could of done or said differently. This is a great day to turn your life around and transform into that butterfly. 


On the next day we have a frustrating Mars/Pluto square. Be aware that there may be some obstacles in your way to that transformation, as there are power struggles afoot, It's likely that you may have to confront someone's actions.

Try to stay calm, and try not to be confrontational, as long as you have totally been yourself and not acted in an underhand manner all will be well. Someone in power may try to oppose you, it is best not to argue with them on this day. 


Sending loads of love and light and protect yourself from others energies....An easy way to do this is imagine that you have a bubble of light around you (can be any colour you choose)  xxxxxxx



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