Intuitive Readings

There are times in our life's that we all need some guidance and reassurance, whether its to do with relationships, career or life changes. I like my clients to go away feeling empowered and inspired and will hopefully help you to be able to connect to your own intuition, guiding you to see your potential and the opportunities you may have.

What is an Intuitive reading?

Using my handmade astrology cards I can give you a reading about all aspects of your life. I use my cards in the same way a horoscope is set out. Using the twelve houses and the planets. You choose where all the cards need to be.

 Generally What comes up in a reading is happening in your life right now, including any challenges or exciting developments that you might be facing, using these cards I can also see things that will happen in the future.

As well as my astrology cards, I use tarot for any specific questions, Oracle cards for messages and mediumship, often during my reading a loved one will come through to me and say hello for some reassurance and guidance for you.

How is it performed?

I work from home in a relaxed environment to do an intuitive reading for you.

Everything is completely private and confidential. 

You can record the reading on your mobile if you wish. 

If you have decided to come for a reading it is generally because you need some guidance on your journey, and often the universe will guide you to the right person at the right time.

I will ask you to shuffle the cards, pick them at random and then I will tell you what I am picking up on. 

Please note, I no longer do spiritual fairs or parties. 

How long does a reading take?

I offer 1 hour readings, which include oracle cards, tarot and my handmade astrology cards. This also includes Mediumship, often Spirit will pop in during the session to say Hello and offer reassurance and guidance.  I also offer readings for 30 minutes, where I can do a more specific reading for you, there is also the option to book over What's app or zoom. If you do not have a lot of time you can also order an e mail reading that will be sent straight into your inbox or over what's app, that you can read at your own leisure. 


1:1 reading

1 hour readings or a 30 minute reading -this can be either astrology card reading, mediumship reading or about a specific area.

You can pre pay here or pay on day of reading. Please use my contact page to arrange a date and time and which reading you would like.

 I am based in Exeter, Devon, UK


Telephone or Video readings

Don't live near Exeter and still would like a reading with me? 

I can also do readings by telephone or video through what's app or Zoom. Just contact me to book a reading and I will ask you to ring through what's app or Zoom. 15, 30 minutes or 1 hour appointments are available. As soon as you order a session I will be in touch to arrange an appointment.  You can record the session by booking an appointment on zoom and send me the details, once we have arranged a date and time. 

1:1 reading over Zoom or What's app


E mail readings


Do you have a burning question?, concern or maybe just need some guidance on a particular area of your life? Then I can offer you a 3 card e mail reading. All I will need is your name, date of birth and the question that you want answered, or area you want to know more about such as love, career etc...

 Once payment is received I will then send you an e mail reading (please make sure that you check your spam and be aware a reading could take up to 5 days to arrive)  You can choose Tarot or angel cards. 

You can have an astrology card reading by email too. This will cover all areas of your life and a little more in depth. 



E mail readings

Please make sure that you write in additional comments: YOUR NAME AND DATE OF BIRTH. Please ensure that you have written your correct e mail address and check your spam folder.


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Readings and any demonstrations/workshops I do are for guidance purposes only.

Readings are accurate at the present time of the reading, The future is not set in stone and can change due to free will and fate.

If you are seeking medical or legal advice than I recommend that you seek advice from the correct professionals.

You must be 18 or over to have a reading. 

I ask that payment is made in full before any reading, through here, bank transfer or PayPal. 

£20 refundable deposit required for workshops.

At least 48 hours notice should be given by text or e mail, if for any reason you need to cancel.