Horoscopes · 22. December 2019
Welcome to 2020! A new year and decade. There are big transformations happening this month, it might feel like a rug is pulled but will bring in positive fresh starts. we also have a lunar eclipse and 4 sign changes. January is also a month were there are no retrograde planets from the 10th, so is always the best time to plan and plant seeds for the year ahead.

Horoscopes · 22. November 2019
December is looking like a fun month, and most people will be full of Christmas cheer, with Mercury retrograde out of sight, you will feel on top of that Christmas list! Its a time to be with friends, family and taking time to relax, explore and having fun!Jupiter moving into Capricorn from the 3rd may have you focusing on work, this will be positive as you will feel more confident in your abilities and feel better organised.