"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, We are spiritual beings having a human experience"

Quote by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


We are all on our own individual and unique journey, which sometimes can feel overwhelming and confusing. We can all do with some guidance and re balancing at times. Whether its through a reading using astrology, mediumship and tarot, a birth chart or an holistic therapy with me, hopefully I can help you to feel back on track, calmer and a knowing that you can trust your inner light. You shine so bright, but don't even know it xx


"Teresa has given me wonderful guidance and reassurance through her readings. I have always felt more positive about my life and the direction that I am heading in after a session with her. I love the variation of cards and techniques used. She is very kind, intuitive, spiritual person and I would highly recommend her" MM 


"Teresa is a fantastic medium and reader. Her talents are truely unique. Teresa's readings have been the most accurate and insightful that I have ever had. I also booked Teresa for my 40th birthday party last year. She did mini readings for everyone and all my friends loved her. Now many of them are seeing Teresa regularly for readings too :)" AC


" Teresa kindly wrote a birth chart for each of my 3 children, 11, 9 and 6 years not long after they were born. Each of them  very different and individual, especially as two of my children were born on the same day.

An interesting read when the children were babies but information so accurate for each of them as they have grown through the years.

I still re read them now and have a clear understanding as to why they may behave or react in certain situations and use the chart as a constant reference."  JM


" Teresa created a birth chart for both of my children when they were born. I was not sure what to expect but when I read them I was blown away with how detailed they were. I was intrigued to see how accurate they would be as the children got bigger. I will often get them out to read and have been amazed how reflected they are off their personalities. Teresa is a very talented lady and I would highly recommend her birth charts. " NL


"Teresa is brilliant at doing birth charts. I asked her to do mine and one for my twin sister. When I received them they were very professional and easy to understand and reads well. They were very on the mark even though we were born on the same date and just a few minutes apart, they were still different in parts. On mine and my sisters charts it said that we would both marry /meet someone from another country, which has become true for both of us!" LC


"I really enjoyed my Reiki session with Teresa today. It was very interesting how she was able to pick up on the areas of my body that I am having problems with. I found it very relaxing and was very welcomed into her home. Will definitely be back for more sessions." BWC


"I have really enjoyed my Reiki session with you today. You have left me feeling relaxed and stress free. Will definitely come again and highly recommend. Thank you so much" LU