My Shamanic Path

The beginning

The day after I officially started my business in July 2017, I was driving home in the dark after doing a mediumship demonstration, along a very busy road, when suddenly out of nowhere 2 horse's came running towards me, I had to swerve to avoid hitting them, but one of the horses brushed against my car with a thud, heart racing, I found somewhere to pull over. I was safe and the horses were unharmed, apparently trotting back to where they escaped. My little car was a write off but I managed to buy it back and it's still going today! I was left thinking why did this happen? 


This led me to read up about the meaning of horses. I have had a love/wary relationship of these animals from a young age, I tried horse riding when young and didn't have the best experiences. From riding a horse that wandered off, to being paired with a horse that was too small for me, and then being on a horse who kicked out when heard a dog barking. I then vowed to stay away! After my unfortunate experience  I felt the need to read about power animals and I was hooked. 

This led me onto a Shamanic workshops that helped me to know and connect to my true self more, and I knew that The Shamanic path is one I needed to follow, At the same time, my Sister had recently set up an air b and b at beautiful Lake Atilian in Guatemala,  My sister told me that her landlord was one the top Shaman's in Guatemala. I was super excited as was going out for my 40th birthday and wanted to meet him. In April 2018, myself and my husband travelled out there. The day after my birthday, I felt so privileged to have a  surprise Mayan shamanic ceremony. It was the most amazing experience and feel very blessed. He also told me about the Mayan calendar and found it all so fascinating (which I am currently learning) We also took a trip to Pacaya volcano, the altitude affected my breathing, and guess what I had to get on a horse! I was petrified and screamed a little, whilst being on the edge of a Volcano but realised that this was another sign to connect with the power of the horse! I would not of made it to the top without the power and determination of the horse 🙏💫

Later that year, my sister announced that she was getting married to her Guatemalan partner in just a few months time, so got to go out there again to witness a Mayan Shamanic wedding ceremony, and spend more time at the beautiful lake. I found myself feeling very emotional when I left and since found out it is on the heart chakra ley line. In the morning the lake is very calm and peaceful, but by lunchtime there are great winds, there is a fable connected to this....


They say there used to be two opposing villages on either side of the lake. They would often fight against each other hoping for supremacy and therefore control of the trading routes that crossed through the area. In one village lived a prince named Tzutujil and in the other a princess named Tchokomel.    

One day Tzutujil was dared by his buddies to row over in his dugout to the other side of the lake to steal the head-dress of a girl from the other village. Being the brave fellow that he was, Tzutujil at once jumped at the chance to prove his prowess and struck out with his paddle towards the opposite shore. On arrival he soon came across our fair maiden of this little tale, Tchokomel, who was down by the edge of the lake washing her hair. She had placed her bright red headdress on a rock behind her and was humming a love song as she combed out her raven-black locks.      


Tzutujil was for a moment enchanted by her lark-sweet voice but remembering the challenge he had been set, he saw his chance and was about to take the ribbon when he unwittingly displaced a rock .  Startled, Tchokomel turned to find Tzutujil standing above her. It took no more than a look into each other's eyes and they were in love.        


 For days and weeks they would steal away from their respective villages to meet up knowing that if they were found out they would be punished most severely. Eventually, suspicious minds led to their discovery and they were told that they were never to see each other again under punishment of death.       


 Tzutujil, in his despair, decided that if he could not be with his one true love then he would give himself to the gods and so took his own life. On hearing this terrible news, Tchokomel rose up in misery and anger and called on the gods to help her. The gods helped her create a most ferocious wind that to this day crosses Lake Atitlan every afternoon whipping up the waves and rocking all the small boats attempting their crossing. If you listen very carefully, you may just hear Tchokomel´s love song in the wind calling out for her lost love......Tzuuutuuujiiil.



If you would like to stay at my sister's wonderful staycation in Lake Atilian, click on the button below: 

Since being back from Guatemala, I have been more and more drawn to Earth energy and the guidance of animals, which led me to become a shamanic practitioner and Natural mindfulness guide. 

I facilitate a shamanic Journeying group combined with a Full Moon ceremony monthly.

I will soon be offering a variety of services such as-

Shamanic healing, Soul retrievals, Power animal retrievals, extraction work, protection, psychopomp (helping guide spirits to the afterlife) Shamanic Reiki, Shamanic walks, natural mindfulness walks and forest bathing. 

Please message me if you have any questions/queries. 

Full details and prices to follow.