Distant healing

Distant healing can be just as powerful as having a physical 1:1 treatment. We will book in a time just like we would with a normal session. Just like a 1:1 session, we can work on physical, emotional, spiritual problems, stress reduction or releasing blocked energy. You can be relaxed, sat in a chair, or lying down whilst I am sending distant healing or you can be going about your normal activities. A full session can take 30 mins, I use a doll as the tool, or my minds eye, with your name and/or your photo.

I also do distant crystal healing sessions, which works in a similar way. Sometimes I will ask you to hold a specific stone whilst I am sending you the energy.


I can also help you if have a specific aliment you would like me to work on or if you have exams, event, an important meeting or situation, to keep you calm or and focused, using Reiki and crystal healing, I will advise of a crystal for you to use too.  


You can have one off sessions or book in as often as you feel you need the healing. 

Afterwards I can speak to you on the phone, or by message/e-mail to let you know my findings, and is always good to get your feedback too. 


When ordering please let me know your full name, what you would like the healing for and if needed the place you will be. 

Any questions please contact me. 

Reiki distance healing

30 minute session. 


  • Available

Reiki and crystal healing for a specific ailment, meeting, event


  • Available


The form of Reiki healing and medicine are 2 different disciplines.

Reiki is the art of healing, not medicine, and is intended to be a supplement to, and not a substitute for professional or medical care and treatment. You must always consult your doctor about any advice about any serious condition or ailment.

No Reiki practitioners can diagnose, perform any treatment, make medical claims, offer guarantees, prescribe remedies or medication. I will always endeavour to help you, but can not guarantee success for every client.