The Week ahead July 3rd-9th

This week it's time to get back on track! The last few weeks have been either overwhelming or you just needed to get yourself some well deserved rest!

Venus moves from his home sign of Taurus on Tuesday and moves into the home of communication Gemini. Here Venus is highly flirty and talkative, and does not like life too seriously. its time for fun, and spending it with those you care about. Leave little notes to your loved ones or strangers!

Don't be surprised if over the next few weeks you get lots of communication from people you have not heard from for a while, especially if they are air signs.

Mercury squares with Uranus by the evening........this is the time you may hear something rather unwelcome. Try to keep your cool, even if the other person has been out of order. Luckily the next day mercury moves into Leo for the next few weeks, it's a great time to express yourself, and will want to be having a little fun... don't take things too far though as some people will not find it funny!

We have a full moon in practical Capricorn on Sunday, so its a good time to de clutter, reduce and cut back, whether its physically or emotionally, and will help you to start to focus on what is important. The Capricorn full moon is great if you are thinking about having a career change or going for a promotion.

Have a week full of love, laughter, and healthy communications!

Mucho love and sparkles. TS xxxx

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