The week ahead 31st July-Aug 6th

After all the things that have been going on over the last week ,whether its an accident, some shocking news, a knock to your confidence or something/someone who has made you literally see red! Feel the emotion but you need to let it go.......So don't be surprised if you end up crying over the most silly things on Monday! This is due to Venus moving into the sign of Cancer, to stay until the end of Aug. As well as emotional sensitivity, the next month will focus on your relationship between woman, children and your home.


On Thursday the planet who has been causing quite a bit of chaos Uranus turns retrograde, so we will have a welcome reduction of disruption, its a time to free yourself from anything that is holding you back or not working anymore.


Watch out on Friday, a Jupiter-Pluto square could cause a few issues with finances. Remember to think things through before making any big purchases. Make sure you have enough to cover the costs. Weigh things up. Trust your instinct not your impulse.


Mercury is now in slow down motion ready to turn retrograde on the 13th Aug ( more about this and the effects soon!)


Remember that life is all about balance and the hard times are what make us stronger and learn about ourselves. We are all going through a massive healing process right now. Be gentle on others and on yourself xxxxx


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