Mercury retrograde!

Mercury the planet of communication turns retrograde in Virgo for 3 weeks today.....What does retrograde mean? retrograde literally means backward, although this does not mean that mercury is going backwards...from our perspective on Earth however, there are times where we more slower or faster than the "retrograde" planet.

Mercury is the planet that rules communication, so what tends to happen during this period is a communication breakdown between people, contracts, computers, electrics, travel etc be aware that during this period that people cancel appointments, there are looonnnggg delays with transport, letters do not arrive, you can not get hold of someone, people can say things without thinking or act out of character, people from the past often reappear, but may disappear just as quickly when mercury turns forwards. This period doesn't have to be negative though. its a great time to do anything re! Repair.......relationships, your car, objects......'s perfectly ok to take some time out at this time. Revisit that project you never finished. Repeat is always a theme of mercury retrograde, especially in Virgo, the sign that loves perfection...there is no harm in going over things again, as you may spot that mistake or have a breakthrough.


This retrograde period is between 2 big eclipses, so being in Virgo you are going to have to think about your environment and your health, if something isn't working then its time to start to let go. great time to start that diet or exercise regime. if you find yourself in a situation you have been so many times before, then now is the time to change the cycle!

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