The week ahead 4th-10th sept

What to look out for this week....


Sun/Neptune opposition, this only happens once a year and is a great day to just sit back and relax, try not to run away with things in your head however as all really is not what it seems.... reality and fantasy is a little blurred today!


Mars moves from bold Leo to hard working Virgo, its time to stop having so much fun ;) and get to work! Start to finish off all those projects that u have not got round too.


By the end of the day Mercury turns direct! giving that green light for communications, transportation and any agreements... be aware that it is still in shadow until the 10th, but you will find that communication flows so much better.



Full moon in Pisces....emotions can run high at this period as well as the full moon bringing about any endings that need to happen, a full moon in Pisces(last sign of the zodiac)  can mark the end of a year long period too. Be careful that you don't fool yourself into thinking if you act different to impress someone then what you truely are, that it will all be ok... it wont. Just be your natural self, and if you feel like u have to be someone that your not then you should not be with that person.

Its a really good time to have a big clear out, make your home cozy and relaxing for the upcoming autumn period. Buy yourself some plants or a water feature.  



Sun/Pluto trine, this only happens 3 times a year and is an excellent day to sit down and plan/decide on your long term goals and aspirations.


Mercury goes back in to Virgo by the end of the day, again helping you to get all those projects finished and help you to focus on your upcoming projects.  



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