The week ahead 18th-24th September 2017

Virgo is the predominant sign this week as Venus joins mercury and Mars in this sign this week, along with a new moon in this sign on Wednesday. On the one hand you will be thinking about beautifying yourself, whether that is through having a hair cut and colour, a pamper session  or a facial as well as maybe treating yourself to some new make up, Health will be important too, as Virgo is very health conscious. You will be thinking about your diet, or thinking about starting a new exercise routine. The other side to this placing can lead you to overthinking, worrying and being over critical of yourself and others, finding it hard to please others can be frustrating too. try not to be too hard on yourself! remember that nobody is perfect!


On the 22nd we have the Autumn equinox which always occurs in the sign of Libra. Its when the hours of the day and night are equal. The energy of an Equinox always feels a little bit strong, as the Earth tries to re balance so does our bodies!  If you experience, dizziness, nose bleeds, headaches, or just a little spaced out this can be a reason why.

 Think back to March the 21st of this year...What big changes happened for you, it's likely that you may of made a big decision, It's a perfect day to look back and see how far you have come since then, and check that your own personal scales are balanced. If you are not balanced then look at the reasons why not? are you repeating a pattern?  

Neptune the planet of illusions however will be getting in the way, creating some confusion, and if your not careful will miss important details. Just remember to be honest with yourself and others, and don't delude yourself. listen to the messages you are receiving, if something does not feel right or you sense you are being lied to, you may be right. Your intuition will be speaking to you. Trust it xxxx

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