Be Yourself

Whilst we are still recovering from the sun/Saturn square from a few days ago (not feeling good enough, not knowing which way to turn, not wanting to make decisions, anxiety at a high) We have two nice aspects over the weekend... Tomorrow Mercury and Mars conjunct in hard working Virgo which means that its a day to thinking about your health, increasing your energy and will find yourself being mentally alert, whether you are being of service to others or thinking about your future plans at work, the planets have your back!

On Sunday we have a nice and sparkly trine with Venus/Uranus....its a great time for making new friends, networking with others or recharging an old relationship...its a fun kind of vibe so make sure you put it to good use...I'm on a hen weekend for a very good friend that has moved away, and don't get to see her often so I am very grateful for this energy and looking forward to what it may bring :) 

Freedom is important at this time - mostly freedom to be your wonderful quirky and unique self! but also freedom from any burdens or negative energy around you. Have some fun, and spread the good vibes. xxxx

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