week 20th-26th November 2017

A much more upbeat week than the last few weeks, our dreams and goals will seem much closer than they have been and you should of felt a release at the new moon on Saturday. Party and socialising season is upon us!


Tuesday- The sun moves into sociable and optimistic Sagittarius for the next month, energy here is so different from what is was in Scorpio, you will feel the need to broaden your horizons, whether it is signing yourself up for a new course, making travel plans or doing something completely out of your comfort zone! You will also feel more philosophical about life and will want to learn more about spiritualty and who you are.


Wednesday- Neptune moves forwards... Neptune is the dreamy planet and whilst retrograde (since June) you may of had to change your dreams and goals a little as life may of brought about a few changes in direction that you were not expecting. Now you can get back on track and start getting your dreams back on track. It is also the 22/11 on this day which are known as master numbers so its a great day to meditate and focus on those dreams :)


Saturday- We have a wonderful Mercury/Uranus trine. You will feel alive and very awake mentally. It is a great day to do some training or a new course.....(which I just happen to be doing about shamanism. I saw the course and was interested but cost too much money for me, so I asked the universe if I am meant to go then to somehow reduce the price...........a day later it was on for buy one ticket, a friend, goes for free! So very very grateful to the universe :) :) ) it will be a exciting day, stay active, tackle any problems that need solving. You will feel the need to be around like minded people, and have stimulating conversation, or you will get bored! Intuition will be great today too. Be open minded and enjoy any new experiences that you encounter today :) 


Have an exciting week xxxxxx



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