December 4th-10th 2017

With Mercury retrograde underway, be aware that you may be in store for some cancellations, delays when travelling or changes. Try to go with the flow and use your time constructively to go over some paperwork, finish up any study and relax! Finish that book, start your Christmas shopping. 

Please read previous blog on mercury retrograde to see how this retrograde may affect you personally. 


Wednesday- Mercury conjuncts Saturn again, so you may find that you need to go back and fix something that you thought you completed a few weeks ago. 


Saturday- Mars moves from freedom loving Sagittarius into intense and brooding Scorpio, this brings us higher energy and passionate desires. You may find that some people bring up resentments from the past. 


Sunday- is a busy day with a Mercury/Uranus trine, this can bring about some interesting talents and insights.  We also have a Venus square Neptune, which can make us see life through rose tinted glasses, and make some people behave in an unrealistic manner. Hold on tight to your purse strings as you will easily be swayed to over spending. Imagination and creativity are high. 

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