11th-17th December 2017

You may of found the weekend a little intense as the planet of energy mars, moved into Scorpio. Maybe you felt suspicious about someone's behaviour or you have been feeling rather fearful and worried about things that have not happened yet! It is time to confront your fears and stand up to them, If you need to say something, say it, but don't do it in an angry way or you will experience a confrontation (this might turn out to be a good thing!)




Tuesday- The sun and retrograde Mercury collide, you will get great insight from the past, and may hear some news that you have been waiting to hear.


Friday- It's the planet of love's turn to bump into retrograde Mercury, both these planets can be a little dishonest and disloyal in Sagittarius, If you have an idea and feel excited to share, try to keep it to yourself, as someone can take it right from you, and be aware that not everything you hear is true, someone may be causing a stir.....


Saturday- A sun/Uranus trine brings the week to an exciting, very unpredictable close. If something in your life is no longer working or you have a need to break away, this will be the day that it happens! The door is opening for you with new opportunities, question is are you ready to walk through it? or let the fear of the unknown hold you back?


Use the energy of Mars in Scorpio to push you through.


Bright love and blessings. xxxx   

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