18-24 December 2017

This last weekend has probably brought you some interesting times, whether it was passion, anger, finding out some shocking news, wanting to hide away, or irritability. With so many planets in freedom loving Sagittarius, it is difficult for us to keep our feet on the ground, and take the easy way out of a situation. Just in time this week we have the sun, Venus and Saturn all move into Capricorn, bringing about a much more grounded and serious attitude, with commitment to building and strengthening your relationship with others, to your work, and to the home making any changes that are needed for a solid future.


Monday- New moon in Sagittarius. It is time to throw out the old, to make way for the new! it is a great time to think about travelling or starting that new study you have been thinking of doing for a while. If you are having a personal or professional battle, this moon will bring about a bit of light relief. 
Tuesday- Saturn moves into Capricorn to stay for the next 3 years. The last time it was here was between 1988 and 1991. 
Saturn is at home here. It's time to take responsibility for our actions. They are both taskmasters and like to get down to work. We will go through brexit within the next few years, which is interesting as this placing is about building foundations for the future. We may see some new policies that come up, especially when it comes to the law and computers, be especially aware if you work for a large company as changes will come, not necessarily a bad thing! There may be new developments within technology and buildings. It's time to knuckle down and get to work! 
Some interesting facts from the last time Saturn was here. 
*Margaret Thatcher was prime minister, until 1990.
* Unemployment rates were at their lowest, whilst house prices fell, by the end of this period unemployment levels rose. 
*Sky TV was launched.
*Saddam Hussein released all British hostages. 
*We had quite a few disasters, such as the Lockerbie and Kegworth air disasters and the Hillsborough crush.
*Our summers were warm and winters cold. 
Thursday- Sun moves into Capricorn and also marks the Winter solstice, where the days start to get longer again. This also marks the season of being around your family. Its a good time to forgive others and move forward, there is no time for looking back right now. You have too much to plan and look forward to! 
Friday- Mercury moves forward, so communication and travel will become much easier. Things that have been up in the air will finally get sorted. This is just what is need before Christmas. 
Saturday- Venus moves into Capricorn, although a serious placing for the sign of relationships, his moves helps us to see that life is not all about the roses, it is also about being there for others in their time of need, it's about giving to others and not expecting anything back.  You may start thinking about decorating the place where you work or moving premises and you will find your career will run smoothly at this time.  


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