Week 8-14th January 2018

As we go into this week we still have the energy of the Mars/Jupiter conjunction(6/7 Jan) This is huge, as we will not see this again until 2020! This transit will give u a big boost in energy and should make you start feeling a little less sluggish and more active, you will have so much inner strength, even if you suffer with aches and pains you will feel like you can achieve anything. Opportunities are coming to knock on your door, you need to make sure that you are ready, and say yes, as this transit will pass and you may not get the chance again. Believe in yourself and believe in your dreams. 


TUESDAY- We experience another transit that will not happen again for a while as the Sun/Venus and Pluto all conjunct, this can be an intense time, but you can transform any negativity around you into love. As all these planets are in Capricorn he biggest transformations will be within the workplace, either a company you work for will have some very big changes coming up for your future, this may be positive or negative, it may make you think I need to change jobs!! or make you feel more settled and secure. You may be head hunted for a different role in your career.....remember the energy of Mars....Say yes and take a risk......or you may be asked to go into partnership with someone, which will give you amazing opportunity but remember to stay as separate individuals that join together ,not merge together! 


THURSDAY- Mercury joins all the other planets in Capricorn, Mercury isn't always impressed here as like's to have a joke and a laugh, where as Capricorn likes to get to work, so remember to relax a little and try not to take life so seriously! Your mind will be focused on getting to work, if there is any area of your working life that isn't working, then now is the time to make the changes. You may also need to do a lot of communicating at this time within your job. 


SATURDAY- Mercury and Saturn conjunct, Don't take things to heart or too seriously, someone around may be joking but you will take it the wrong way, communication at this time is not great, so wait a while if you need to speak to someone in the working environment, on the other hand in a personal relationship what you are not saying may be worse than what you do, so express how you are feeling.  

On this day there is also a Venus/Uranus square, so be aware that you may encounter a few challenges within relationships and may receive an unexpected event. Be extra careful if you are out drinking as can distort or view on what is real and what is not. 


As well as all of this happening there are no planets in retrograde this month, so remember to only look forwards, not back as new beginnings are upon us. Grab chances, take a risk on yourself to be happier! xxxxxxx

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