29th Jan- 4th Feb 2018

Wednesday- Today we have a full super, blood moon eclipse. The energy that this moon will give off is massive! This moon is strong so be aware that others around you may be sensitive, children in particular will pick up on this energy. 

Do not be surprised if you are feeling a little bit frazzled at this time, drama will be around you especially for fire and air signs. You will find it hard to keep any feelings to yourself, and if you need to get something off your chest, now is the time to do it! its time people to BE YOURSELF, if anyone does not like it, than maybe it is time to reconsider your friendships. You need to surround yourself with like minded souls. 


If your birthday is around now or the beg of Aug, this energy is giving you the big breakthrough that you need to move forwards with your life. 


Its a good time to do a wish list of all the creative things that you want to achieve in your life over the next 6 months. 


Mercury moves into the social sign of Aquarius today to stay for the next month, you will start thinking about your goals, and you will have lots of conversation with others about your ideals. You might get some good advice form someone younger than yourself. 


Saturday- Mercury trines Mars- mentally alert you will get lots of work done! Energy will be high and feel able to face any challenges. You will feel bold and confident, so a good day to do a talk, ask for a raise, or do any important negotiations. At the same time however Venus squares Jupiter, so be carefully if going shopping as you may indulge in expensive things that you can not afford, and try not to eat too many sweet things! despite being a square off its still a great day to be around others, as there will be a positive vibe in the air, and you can make some good investments, just check in with your head first, and make sure it's not through impulse. 


Sunday-Venus squares Saturn- Today you may find it hard to relate to others, wanting to spend some time on your own, which will be a good thing! You may start to think about how you relate to others, sometimes during  this transit we don't always see things as they truly are, and make a few mountains out of molehills in our relationships, and can be critical of others who are not living up to your expectation. 

Don't overthink things on this day, as tomorrow is another day!


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