19th-25th Feb 2018

Monday and Tuesday this week, you can take a bit of a breather, with no big planet changes this week, you will find that you can take some time out for you. 


Wednesday- Venus conjunct Neptune. This can have 2 sides to the day, you are either feeling very in love and feel like you have a complete soul union with someone, or you can be finding that your partner has really let you down, as you put them on a pedestal expecting things from them that never happened. 

This is not a day to be practical and looking at making any big commitments in relationships or with finances, instead do something creative, as your imagination will be heightened. 

You will be feeling dreamy and your mind a little foggy. 


Mercury sextile Saturn- You will be thinking about any changes that need to be made in your environment, and will be critical of any flaws that yourself or others have. Today you will be taking things seriously and will not have time for small talk. You may have pangs of feeling a little isolated or lonely, but remember that you are never alone and always loved. 


Sunday -Venus squares mars, which means that male and female energies are at war, they can be misunderstandings and tensions, although these can be resolved quite easily as sexual attraction will be high. 


Mercury conjunct Neptune- similar to the energy on Wednesday, it is not a good time for commitments in relationships or within verbal communication, someone may try to pull the wool over your eyes with their words, mis-leading you into a false sense of security. You may find yourself telling a little white lie to get yourself out of a commitment. Things said can be taken the wrong way. 


Sun sextile Saturn- today will be best for getting things done, you will have an orderly state of mind, and lots of discipline, completing any tasks you set your mind too. Working on a Sunday may not be much fun, but you will feel so proud of yourself for what you achieve!  

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