5-11th March 2018

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This last week you may of felt yourself being emotionally drained, not feeling very active or productive, if you felt ok then the manic weather made sure that you all got some well deserved rest as things will now start speeding up! 


We start the week on Monday with mercury moving into the sign of Action Aries, If you have been putting off saying something that you need to get off your chest then Aries will make sure that you do it! When mercury is in this sign, people tend not to take any crap from anyone, even if you are the type of person to hold your tongue, you may find you can not help yourself! We are direct in our communications at this time and you will have the stamina to achieve your goals that you may of had on hold. Mercury turns retrograde on the 22nd and will stay in this sign until May. 


Tuesday- Venus is hot on Mercury's heels and also move's into Aries, whilst Mercury thrives here Venus does not do so well, you may feel a great need to relate to others and willing to compromise in relationships, not wanting to upset anyone you do not argue, which means things may be a little out of balance, don't let others walk all other you, or on the other scale manipulate others because you can. The next few weeks however are great to be getting together with friends, and you may make a few new ones. You may of found in recent months having to walk away from some friendships, which will leave room for new ones! 


Thursday- Jupiter turns retrograde in Scorpio, Jupiter came into Scorpio last July and she has been teaching us about being kind to others and ourselves, healing begins from within and releasing anything toxic from us. As she turns retrograde for the next 4 months, she teaches us to look deep within, and to listen to our intuition, showing us to follow our gut, there may of been something that you have been putting off for a while due to fear of the unknown, worry what others will think or simply feel like you would not be heard. You can be sure over the next few months, people may see a different side to you. 


Saturday- Mercury squares Saturn- Its a good day for getting things done, but it is likely that you may find it hard to communicate with others at this time, you may find a few delays come up, try not to be too disappointed and remember things happen for a reason! You may feel a little lonely at this time and be self critical of yourself, your outlook may be a little gloomy, but this will not last, its a good day to write down all the things that you are grateful for, do not be too hard on yourself. 


Sunday- Venus trines Uranus and the sun sextiles Pluto. You may feel the need for a real spring clean within your house, your mind or in life. Realign with your intentions and discuss anything you need to with a group, neighbours or colleagues. You will be thinking deeply and is a great day for a meditation or yoga session. Today you will want to be doing something completely different from the usual routine and have some excitement in your life. Go and do something spontaneous and enjoy yourself. 



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