12th-18th March 2018

You will need to keep on smiling this week as you may face some emotional challenges, all will be well, if you do not let others emotions affect yours. It is time to tie up any loose ends and complete any projects that you have had to put to the side. 


Tuesday - You may feel like you are on a bit of a rollercoaster today as the energies go from gloomy to positive!

Venus squares Saturn, relating to others may be a little difficult, there will be a feeling of coolness and wanting to withdraw from closeness. They will be a strong awareness of who you are, and may become a little fearful of things happening in your relationships, someone may be demanding too much of you. The situation really is not as bad as what you are thinking. It's a good day to take some time out for yourself.

Sun trines Jupiter later in the day, which will help to lift your spirits a little, you will be eager for new experiences in your life and you can expand your mind, anything you are working on at this time you will feel positive about. if there are any changes that you need to make it is a good time to make them. good luck and opportunity are on your side!


WednesdayMars squares Chiron, you will want to be doing some exercise as any emotion that comes up will make you feel a little anxious, Mars gives you the drive to push through. 


Thursday- Mercury enters its storm period in the lead up to the retrograde period on the 22nd, the effects of the retrograde will start to be felt, if you have any unfinished projects, you will do well completing them now. You may be thinking about new projects, but it is not a good time to start them right now, write all your ideas down and come back to them when Mercury retrograde has completed. 


Saturday is an interesting day with the new moon in Pisces and Mars now in Capricorn, You may find yourself feeling a little bit anxious or dreamy today, the new moon in Pisces can bring up a lot of emotion that you may have buried, let them out, this moon is very healing, you may want to spend time by yourself at this time which is not a bad thing, its ok to say no! listen to your intuition at this time as it will be high. its a good day to do anything spiritual such as yoga, meditation, having some spiritual guidance or studying a subject that intrigues you. 

Mars moves into Capricorn for the next 5 weeks which he tends to thrive in. You will have a strong ambition to achieve your goals and finish any projects, tying up loose ends. 

Its a time however where you may struggle if you work for someone, they may demand too much from you, and any efforts you are trying to achieve may be halted. Try to stay tolerant and somehow find a compromise. Try not to come into conflict with colleagues as their opinion in matters may differ from yours, ego energies are high at this time and people will think their way is the right way. Concentrate on your own goals and you will achieve a lot during this period. 


Sunday- The sun and Chiron conjunct in Pisces. it is a great day for any healing work, as your emotions and heart are aligned. You may spend some time with someone that you have not seen for a while, and want to be doing some good deeds for others. It is also a good day to attend a workshop or do something creative.  

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