Uranus moves into Taurus



Today The planet of change and unpredictability moves into the Earth sign of Taurus, it will be here until November when it will take a little tour back into Aries until March the 6th when it will re enter until 2026. Uranus is one of the plants of transformation and takes 7 years in a sign, the last time it was in Taurus was 1934-1942, a major time for the world where we had great depressions, wars and radical changes.   


Obviously, times have moved on a lot since, then right?! In so many ways yes but there is a lot of unrest and our world leaders are yet again in the spotlight, making decisions that many disagree with, with talks of boarders and walls going up…….


Taurus is a feminine Earth sign and is ruled by the planet Venus of Love and money, the opposite of this is power and greed. We are going to have to make sure that we stay grounded during this period and become flexible when it comes to money and possessions, it’s a time where you make great gains or losses or change your outlook on money and what it means to you. You could sell everything and start over in a new country or completely change direction in your career, choosing not to put in so many hours. You may be given great opportunities for change that will bring you abundance, so look out for them and do not let them pass you by! Our values are or will change by the end of this period....


Mother nature is watching us very closely right now and how we choose to treat nature and each other will have consequences, such as big storms and Volcanos erupting.


We need to choose Peace and not war, working together has never been so important right now! We need to be mindful of our actions, because it will cause a reaction to our precious Earth.


Things we can do every day to help ourselves and the planet:


*Having gratitude for what we have.


*Picking up any litter that you see, and even better do not litter yourself!


* Helping out others, whether it is a family member or your neighbour, do good deeds for others.


*Buy your fruit and veg locally, and crafts etc giving back to your local community.


*When in nature notice how the trees sway, the flowers change, leaves tumble, everything has energy, and we need to treat it with respect.


*Tell people that you love them or appreciate them.

 *Be flexible with any changes.

Much love and blessings, xxxxxxx 

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