Mars retrograde 26th June-August 27th 2018

Mars retrograde in Aquarius June 26th -August 27th 2018




Mars the planet of energy has been slowing down over the last few weeks to turn retrograde on Tuesday in the sign of Aquarius. You may have noticed over the last few weeks that your energy levels have slowed down a bit, needing some time for rest, if you haven’t, your body would have brought up some issues for you to deal with. You may of been quite busy too, catching up with friends and arranging events. 


Mars in Aquarius helps us to formulate our goals, actively pursue them and helps us to be able to work as a team. In fact, having others around you for support is good at this time. Mars here however may show up where your ego needs are in conflict with others, especially as it turns inwards over the next 2 months and will stay in Aquarius until November. Mars only turns retrograde once every 18 months so the sign it falls in has extra meaning.


Mars helps us to express our energy and shows us about our ego. When he turns retrograde It is not a great time to start new projects, you can promote, advertise etc but September will be a more auspicious time to start it, unless you have been planning for a while. Our energy levels will be a little up and down and we can become quite impatient with ourselves and others. Neither is it a good time to buy a new car, there can be issues with the mechanics, electrics etc. With mercury going retrograde at the end of July too, it’s worth waiting until September. It could be that you are already having a few problems with your car but will get it fixed over this period.  Always back up your work on computers etc too, as you may find there are a few issues with technology, computers overheating etc.  


As Mars connects us to our ego, you may find yourself or others being a little aggressive, when normally they are quite placid. What is said at this time will not be forgotten, so choose your words wisely, and try not to react. People will be prone to emotional outbursts. You may go through this period unscathed and will we see things more on a global scale. It could be likely that over the next few months we will have to be extra careful with our water and fuel,  we could have a mega heatwave and as Mars is fire energy We need to look out for fires too.


Blessings, love and gratitude xxxx


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