August 2018


Be aware this month that we still have the planet of communication Mercury, and planet of energy Mars, still in retrograde motion, causing us to be going through a little bit of instability and chaos, especially when it comes to travel, communication, energy levels and the mind. By the end of the month they will both turn direct, and you will feel the need to be pushing ahead again, but this time having more of a balanced approach.




30th July- 5th August


Its quiet at the beginning of the week but be aware that the lunar eclipse energy will still be around, perhaps causing some distress or changes that need to be made, remember that some time we need storms to clear the air, so do not be afraid of what may come up for you. If we are not following our truth, then sometimes we get put in situations to push us over the edge and leap.


After Wednesday try not to act on impulse, especially when it comes to close relationships or people in authority, you may feel the need to rebel which will not end up well. Look out for mini explosions, coming from yourself and others, any challenge that may come up for you needs to be dealt with a different approach than usual. You may be feeling frustrated that things are not going forward as they should, and not getting your own way in situations, people around you may be argumentative and competitive.




6th -12th August


In the beginning of the week you will have the drive to get ahead and have the energy to complete tasks, follow your creative endeavours. Relationships will go smoothly, and you will feel a little more balanced.


Uranus the planet of the unexpected turns retrograde on Tuesday, so expect the unexpected this week. Uranus turns retrograde for 5 months every year and can be a time of intuitive breakthroughs.


On Wednesday we have the lions gate, it happens every year on this date 8/8 and is when the sun conjuncts lucky star sirius, this is when we have the potential to open up to divine love and the thoughts you get today are no coincidence, you will know what you want and where you are going, helping you to connect your mind, body and soul on the same path. This gateway is about following YOUR truth, not others bs, shine bright, stay positive and be wonderful you. However, on this day too, Neptune is at odds with the sun, so you may be feeling a little confused and sensitive, you may hear about someone who has been a little deceptive or see another side to someone. With so many planets in retrograde, you can get to the bottom of situations, but you may be surprised by what you discover! This theme carries on into Thursday when in a sensitive aspect to Uranus, and Saturn, do not over think relationships, the situation is not as bad as you may be feeling. You may find it hard to relate to others and may be looking within for answers. It’s a good day to be by yourself and reflect.


 On Saturday we have the solar eclipse in Leo, this is a really powerful time over the next few weeks to make any manifestations, especially if it to do with creativity, romantic relationships and your goals. It is conjunct mercury in retrograde, so your mind will be buzzing with ideas, but make sure you think before you speak, and with a hard aspect to Pluto, there will be power struggles, between male and female influences. You may hear of some debates or strikes.


Mars moves back into Capricorn on Sunday, so you may have some work issues to deal with back from April/may time. Remember to keep a cool head and do not react to any anger or conflict. Think of different ways to deal with any issues.




13th-19th August


Phew! It is looking a lot quieter this week……the only big thing happening is Mercury turning direct on Sunday. Meaning that communications start to become easier, and it is safe to get going again with those projects and sign those contracts. Sunday we also have a lovely aspect with Jupiter and Neptune to lift the spirits. Confidence levels will increase and you will be buzzing with ideas, feeling lucky and feel a great deal of compassion, just make sure you keep your feet firmly on the ground.




20th-26th August


It’s a pleasant week in the stars! Starting on Monday with a sun/moon trine, bringing positive energy to a Monday. On Thursday the sun enters serious Virgo, bringing you back down to earth and concentrating on your duties, and may be thinking about your health, getting checks ups, dentist appointments etc. You will also be thinking more about your finances and work.


There is a grand trine on Saturday, with Uranus and Saturn, giving you assured material success of something new you may start!


The Pisces full moon joins in with this aspect, this is the best time of year to be bringing together all your ideas and projects together, it is time to shine your brightest self!


The only down side is at the end of the day Venus and Pluto get into a fight, making relationships a little strained and maybe a few negative thoughts about finances, but this is likely to pass you by as the energy this week is bright.




27th-August-2nd September 2nd


On Monday, Mars the planet of energy finally goes forward, whatever it is you have had to put on hold since June this year, you can finally go forward, if you had some disappointments in June, then it might be worth trying again, as the outcome may be different this time round. Back in Capricorn for a while is good as Mars has a lot of stamina here. It is now full steam ahead, and no excuses.


Mercury squares Jupiter on Tuesday, so don’t make any snap decisions, double check things as you can end up overlooking important details, plan everything as carefully as you can. Don’t overdo your optimism or show off too much to others, it will not go down well. The rest of the week is relatively calm, so get going with all those plans and dreams.



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