November 2018


October 29th- 4th November


Whatever drama or upset you have encountered this last month, Monday you will be given a chance to let things go gracefully, whether it comes from you or someone else an issue can be resolved.


Mercury planet of communication moves into Sagittarius this week, which will make you feel more adventurous and have lots of ideas, but try to remain grounded as Mercury here does not always listen to others advise, act impulsively and can overlook those important details, Mercury will be in Sagittarius into the new year as he turns retrograde on the 17th (yes again, more on this soon!)  It is a great time to study or finish those projects, you will be thinking about travel to those faraway places, it is a great time to travel (if you are travelling best to do it before the 17th as there may be a few delays when Mercury turns retro, thus said if you are well prepared all should be well) You may meet new people and will be more open than usual to others opinions.


Halloween will be a little intense today in relationships as retrograde Venus opposes Uranus, which can make relationships tricky, and makes people react before thinking things through, by the end of the day though Venus moves back to Libra until Christmas which makes people want more peace and harmony and less conflict.


Thursday is a good day to have a healing session as Chiron and Jupiter join together giving you an opportunity to release any attachments and old wounds that are no longer serving you.



November 5th-11th


The week starts off with empathy and sensitivity as the sun trines Neptune, it is a lovely day to do a good deed for someone. It is also a great time to show off your artistic and creative abilities. Uranus slides back into Aries, which can make people feel like they are regressing a little, you have come so far but maybe there is some details you need to go over, be aware that whatever was going on for you in April/May this year may re occur. You will feel like some people around you are losing their heads, this may not bode well for the Brexit negotiations as people will be hot headed and go back to childish ways.


On Wednesday we have a new moon in Scorpio, its time to take a good look within, let go of anything that is toxic to you and embracing the shadow side of yourself, we all have one and accepting it is key to letting go.


Jupiter makes a welcome move into Sagittarius on Thursday and is very at home here, unlike the last year in Scorpio (Jupiter is light hearted and Scorpio is intense) it’s finally time to be feeling more optimistic, generous and light hearted. Jupiter always stays in a sign for a year. Travel, study and spirituality will be in the spotlight. You may be having connections with people overseas through your business or personal life, or spending some time working abroad. The downside to Jupiter here is acting impulsively or smugly and indulging in sweet foods, make sure you keep up the exercise and meditation to keep you grounded.


Friday is a lovely time for a date with your loved one, as Venus and mars trine, you will finally feel like you are more connected and balanced in your relationships.




November 12th-18th


Mars moves into Pisces to stay until the end of the year this week after a 6-month stint in Aquarius, this can have a slowing down effect and you will become more conscious of your inner self, it is a good time to get going with any spiritual matters and will feel the need to work by yourself, be aware though that any confrontation will make you become defensive. Venus finally ends her retrograde period, turning direct, the next 2 weeks are good for romance and a wedding whilst she is in her home sign of Libra. On the same day, we have Mercury turning retrograde……yes again, but it will be quite welcome after all the other retrogrades we have had this year. It will be a time to take time out, relax, recharge and take a look at what isn’t working, you will have the opportunity to change course if needed, and you are given the chance to make amends with others and yourself.




November 19th -25th


At the beginning of the week you might be feeling like you can take on the world, but be aware that taking on too much will only result in burn out. Tuesday will be a good day to do some healing work when the Sun and Chiron connect.


On Thursday the sun will make a welcome move into Sagittarius and will open you up to new possibilities, opportunities and wanting more adventure, Sagittarius month is a great time to go on a retreat, visit someplace spiritual, travel to a far away destination or start some new study. Have some fun, you deserve it after all the drama over the last 3 months. Today also marks the full moon in Gemini, this moon is ruled by mercury and with it turning retrograde last week, focus will very much be on communication, you may be discussing past events and having very spirited conversations with others.


By the weekend Neptune is in direct motion, which we will notice on a subtle level, some people may be feeling a lot more compassionate and helpful towards others. The next day the sun conjuncts with this energy, bringing good positive vibes, you will feel a deep sense of well being and optimism, and have a deeper trust that all will be well!




November 26th-2nd December


Mercury is back in the spotlight this week, starting on Monday it squares Mars, making conversations a little difficult and may leave you feeling a little stressed. By Tuesday however the energy is lighter, making conversations light, stimulating. You will be busy however, whether its due to the phone constantly ringing or having to travel to different places, it is also a good time to be studying and planning for the future. It’s a day not to take yourself too seriously, go with the flow.


There may be a few hiccups in relationships by the end of the week as Venus and Uranus are at loggerheads for the third time. You could hear of people having relationships problems. Mercury slides back into Scorpio with Venus re-entering too, means out the blue your partner may become possessive and communications may be a little intense. Keep your head down on Sunday as you will feel like you are not getting anywhere and you are less tolerable towards others behaviour.




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