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CHARKA IGINITED THIS WEEK:  SOLAR PLEXUS (the solar plexus charka is located at the upper stomach, between tummy button and breastbone) connects to the element of fire, our sense of sight, our personal power, sense of purpose, the ego, our intuition and setting boundaries and goals. 

MANTRAS FOR THE WEEK:    I AM POWERFUL                  I AM ENERGETIC             I CAN

CRYSTALS TO USE:  Citrine, Amber, Golden calcite


 POWER ANIMAL TO GUIDE YOU:  LION- Intuition is working. Now is the time for strength of will, patience and creative imagination. Do not force anything. 





Today we will experience A total lunar eclipse takes place when the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon and covers the Moon with its shadow. When this happens, the Moon can turn red, earning it the nickname of Blood Moon.

The energy that this moon will give off is massive! This moon is strong so be aware that others around you may be sensitive, children in particular will pick up on this energy. 

Do not be surprised if you are feeling a little bit frazzled at this time, drama will be around you especially for fire and air signs. Some people may be socially inappropriate.

Mars is also square Saturn today, so take the day steady and cautiously it can be a time of frustration and may find yourself coming up against blockages and be easily angered. Don't try to start anything new and grand today, take some time to give yourself some self care. for the full lowdown of this eclipse and how it may affect you go to:



Its a good day for relationships and people should be in a good mood and feeling optimistic and generous. You may get some good news regarding finances, or maybe something finally comes to fruition. Take it easy in the evening as you might be feeling a little frazzled and your ideas may be a little unrealistic. 



Your mind will be stimulated today and full of ideas, but make sure that you are flexible as plans could change suddenly and be full of surprises. This energy can leave you feeling a bit nervous. Be careful when driving as people will be a little erratic.



It is a day for affection and sentimentally, or show your loved one some affection. Go and visit that family member you have been meaning to see. Mercury moves into Aquarius today, meaning for the next 4 weeks you will now start to focus on your goals and expectations, make sure the goals you set are yours and not someone else's. Are they appropriate for you? or them? Talk over any problems that you may be having with friends. There will be an increase in communication and will be doing lots of networking. 



Your will be in high energy today, and will be able to get a lot done and achieved, especially within business and advance with your own interests, whether that is taking up a new type of study or joining a new group.



The mood is generally cheerful, Its a good time to be around your friends, as they will be very supportive right now. It is also a good time to go on a date with someone. Be aware that there may be some people around you that may be rather irritating. Try not to act in an irrational way or impulsively.



Today has an excitable and rather impulsive air to it. You may find yourself at times feeling a little emotional, for no reason. Communication my be a little difficult, especially around woman. Express yourself if you need to and correct any issues between you. You will feel much lighter for doing so. 


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