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CHARKA IGINITED THIS WEEK:  (the third charka is located between the eyebrows in the centre of your forehead) connects to the element of light, our sense of sixth sense or intuition, and a trust in your inner wisdom. Our imagination and insight is increased, this can either lead to confusion or logic, intuition or paranoia. 


I AM  INTUITIVE         

I SEE         



CRYSTALS TO USE:  Amethyst, azurite to clear the brain and boost intuition


 POWER ANIMAL TO GUIDE YOU:  Hummingbird-Dreams and new joy are within reach- opportunity for accomplishment, along with promising success and renewed health.  





Today you will be thinking logically and carefully. Its a good day for day dreaming or reading a mysterious novel. Be aware you may be feeling sensitive, leading you to pick up on others needs and emotions. 



You will be feeling in a talkative mood, be mindful that you may talk a bit too much and not listen! Its a good day to take care of any routine paperwork and catch up with anything outstanding. It is also a great day to start a new business or venture. It is likely to be successful. Make plans for the future, you may find yourself travelling with your career and networking with others which will be beneficial. 



Relationships with friends, groups and loved ones is good today, make sure you get out and about. You may find that unexpected opportunities arrive from unexpected sources. People will be feeling in a generous mood so is a good day to deal with the public. 



There will be a balance today between your spiritual and material needs. You may find yourself in a sober reflection and deep understanding of your life and where you are currently on your journey. You will be attracted to groups of people that share your views. 



Today may be a day of creative transformation or of power struggles. Energy levels will be high, and some people may take it to the extreme. You will also feel ambitious and  get a lot of work completed, don't let your ego get in the way however. Avoid getting involved in any group confrontation, and find a way to keep yourself grounded. 



Do something unusual and different today, step out of your comfort zone. You are likely to meet people that are not your usual type and have some interesting conversations. Its a day of the unexpected and excitement is in the air. 



Your mind will turn to serious concerns and will have a good critical eye. it is a day where you may be the teacher or you are being taught, there is also a lot to learn from your elders. 


Venus moves into Capricorn today to stay for a month, your love life will get more serious and focus on more practical matters, especially at work. It is a good period to talk to your bosses about your work and how to advance. Communication will take on a greater importance and you might fill a need to be sorting out all your paperwork. It is possible you may be communicating more through your business, advertising and making contracts. 


Bright blessings xx xx 


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