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CHARKA IGINITED THIS WEEK:  SOLAR PLEXUS (the solar plexus charka is located at the upper stomach, between tummy button and breastbone) connects to the element of fire, our sense of sight, our personal power, sense of purpose, the ego, our intuition and setting boundaries and goals. 


CRYSTALS TO USE:  Citrine, Amber, Golden calcite


 POWER ANIMAL TO GUIDE YOU:  ELEPHANT- Past life knowledge and ancient power is awakening. Respect traditions, your own and others. Act on what is best for all. Keep your frequency high and have more fun. 





Today is a nice chilled day to spend with friends. You will feel protective of your loved ones and will bring about your nurturing side. Go and do something nice for your neighbour or elderly relative. Listen to their stories from when they were young. 



Today you may be desiring excitement or freedom, its a good time to start something new, different and maybe a little out of your comfort zone. it will be fun! You may be craving change and be thinking about how you can achieve your desires. 



Be careful out there today. Mars and Uranus conjunct in the last degree of Aries. There may be some surprising incidents or upsets going on around you. People will be acting in a rash manner so watch out, particularly when you are driving. Rushing around may cause accidents, so be aware. Some people will be getting a deep urge to break free, and may struggle with authority figures. Do not act rashly, think before you speak and breathe deeply. 

You may having or hear confirmation about an operation that needs doing today. 



Planet of energy Mars moves into Taurus today, to stay for the next 6 weeks. Focus is on finances and what you own, you may feel jealous of someone that seems to have everything, or you may be the one showing off about your assets. but remember all may not be as it seems, some people are in more debt than what they let on and some people will be making impulsive decisions when it comes to spending.  Be aware that there may be some disputes about property or ownership. 

It is a good time to take up an activity such as boxing, as when you become angry, you may surprise yourself by throwing objects. If there are any problems with electrics within your property or car, think about your energy. What/who is making you feel wired? angry? worried? deal with this and it will stop. 



You will be feeling nostalgic today and wanting to spend time in your home. Feelings of isolation or loneliness may come up and make you feel a little sad, so be careful of your reactions to others, as they may just be trying to be helpful, but you may take it personally. 



Emotions may be all over the place today and you will find it hard to see clearly. You may be feeling a little grumpy and other people may not understand your mood. If you feel the need to say no to a commitment and pull away from others and hide away, its ok! We all have days where we feel in a bad mood, just try not to take it out on others. 



A nice end to the week! You will be feeling creative and romantic, with a sensitivity to your partners needs. It is a good day for day dreaming and doing anything creative. Go out and have some fun, whatever the weather. You will have interesting encounters and new experiences. Energy is high and lively. It is a good day for a change of scenery. 



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