A little bit about you:


Element: Water- Sensitive and emotional, you are connected to your emotions and feelings. You are the artists and poets of the zodiac. You like to be needed by others and at times can become vulnerable. 

Season- Early Spring

Quality: - Mutable- You find free expression on the water realm, you move with the tides of your emotions, but at time find it difficult to set boundaries and stay grounded. 

Planet ruler- Neptune - Is the planet of imagination and illusion, and is a romancer. You understand unconditional love and sometimes will sacrifice yourself for others. This energy can sometimes lead to escapism, and reaching for alcohol, food or substances for reassurance and confidence.  

Crystal- Amethyst, Topaz, Sapphire

Colours- Violet, white and gold

Charka-  Crown- How we connect to the universe. 

Personality- Imaginative and romantic, a Pisces can easily lose themselves in a relationship. You have a soft heart and sometimes naïve, friends can at time take advantage of your good nature. Highly intuitive, You can find this world hard at times, so you sometimes feel the need to escape reality. 


The year ahead


Your planet:


Neptune, your ruling planet has been in your sign since 2011 an is here to stay until 2025, You have been having to get to know yourself and realised that the way you portray yourself to others, is not necessarily the real you. You may be feeling rather confused about who you are, be aware of other people who end up deluding you as is a mirror to what you may have been doing yourself. Your compassion for others is heightened and you may have to take care of a loved one or in a group that needs your compassion. You may feel that you are dependant on another or wish that someone was more dependant on you, either way this is not always healthy. Try to do things independently. 


Chiron has been in Pisces for the last 8 years, and moves into Aries today, you will feel some light relief, as you may of found over recent years, you have been suffering with your identity and who you are. This may of caused a few problems within relationships, as they have completely misunderstood your behaviours.  You may of had some kind of diagnosis, illness, or skin condition that has floored you and not been easy to clear up. Remember that to heal the body, you need to do it from the inside, so think about what it is that's harms you. Alcohol? Emotionally eating? Have you got an intolerance? 

As Chiron moves into Aries you will start to feel more confident and self assured, you will be striving for stability and material abundance, this is good, but you are going to need to stay grounded and realise that money is not everything. You will be feeling warm hearted, but try not to put too much of your opinion onto others.


Mercury turns retro in your sign 6th March-27th. Mercury retrograde may affect your individuality. You may be finding it hard to get your point of view across to others and they may see your actions as selfish. Your mind can be very jumpy right now and you find it hard to concentrate on one thing. You may also be feeling a little anxious at this time, as you feel yourself being drawn into other's problems. make sure you relax and try breathing exercises. 


New moon- 6/3 This is your time for new beginnings, setting new goals and intentions. 


Full moon- 13/9  Time for rest and recharging, this is your time of year to let go of anything no longer serving you. 


Best time for relationships- 27th March-18th April Venus will be lighting up your love life. 



Oracle cards for 2019



The filter of our own life experience is how we experience life 90% of the time. Through our own projections, when someone reminds us of an unhealed experience, we get triggered. Often unconsciously. 

People and situations can trigger our mirrors to reflect back to us what we believe to be true about life, the universe and ourselves. Mirrors pointing to our shadow and our light. Mirrors revealing the parts of us that are yet to be accepted, witnessed or loved. 

You are being guided to look closely at what experiences or people are currently triggering in you and what they could be mirroring back to you. when have you felt like this before? could there be opportunities to heal something in you? or are they shining a light on something that longs to be witnessed in you?

This goes for the good and the bad. The good: Those who we admire and put on a pedestal. If we do not realise that we are attracted to them because we are like them, we need to rise to their level. The bad: Those we despise, are envious of, and put down. If we do not realise that they trigger something in us then it is still yet to be healed, and we will remain hurt and wounded ourselves. 




cast off the old, reveal you true colours, talents and gifts to the world. The energy of renewal is washing over you. If for some reason you feel that your true self has not been recognised or you have been misread by others, know that this energy is leaving you now. 

As you have been working through your old stories and all the self limiting beliefs that you have accumulated along the way, you have been peeling away a shield of skin that has created limiting experiences. Your own personal commitment to growth has been recognised and now the external world will begin to reflect all the work that you have been doing within. If you feel someone you love has misunderstood you recently, they will be able to see beyond that if you are able to recognise your own challenges. This is a time for renewal, abundance and connection. Let yourself be reborn and celebrated. 


Namaste and bright blessings xxxxxx


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