CHARKA IGINITED THIS WEEK:  Heart (connects to our heart, upper back, lower lungs, rib cage, chest, skin and circulatory system ) connects to the element of Air , our sense of touch and associated with unconditional love, compassion, healing, healthy detachment and balance.  When out of balance we find it difficult to give or receive love, have a low self esteem, and find it hard to set boundaries. 



CRYSTALS TO USE:  Green or pink crystals such as rose quartz, aquamarine or aventurine. 



POWER ANIMAL TO GUIDE YOU: TURTLE- Stop trying to make something happen, Take your time in pursuits. Trust in Mother Earth. You will have what you need. Rest and retreat. 





A bit of a hectic day where time will past fast and your mood will be very changeable, you literally may feel as though you don't know whether you are coming or going, positive or negative. Be easy on yourself, make sure you take time out to B>R>E>A>T>H>E.

The best time of day will be at 10.00 am GMT, so if there is something important you need to do, book it in at this time. 

Rewarding day for: Leo

Challenging for: Aquarius



You can take a breather today, and may be feeling the need to rest, recharge, refuel, its a good time to get our and about in the fresh air, meditate, relax, have a salt bath. Take time to look after you. This is the last day of Winter. If you have been feeling tired or out of balance then know that this time is about to change and new beginnings are just around the corner. 

Rewarding day for: Virgo

Challenging for: Pisces



Today is the day of the Spring Equinox and always coincides with the first day of Aries and the beginning of the Astrological calendar. It is the start of Spring and represents the element of Air and new beginnings, ushering in fresh starts as we awaken from winter hibernation. It is important to go with the flow and rhythm of nature and the Earth. As the Earth finds a balance between night and day so does our bodies. We can experience certain symptoms at this time such as:

·        Dizzy spells

·        Nose bleeds

·        Sinus issues

·        Foggy brain

·        Insomnia

·        General exhaustion

It is also the day of the full moon in libra at 0 degrees, meaning that balance is needed, especially between your needs and those of others. A day of endings and new beginnings all at once, with positive aspects between Mercury and Saturn and Mars and Pluto, it is a positive star power day where you can make big changes and move mountains if you wish too! it is also opening a portal for the next month, where you need to consider what it is you really want. Great time to get manifesting, be careful however what you wish for. 

Rewarding day for: Virgo/Libra

Challenging for: Pisces/Aries



Today may bring power struggles within relationships, you will experience a love/hate situation and sway between needing love and attention and wanting space to yourself. Try not to take anything too seriously today. 

Rewarding day for: Libra

Challenging for: Aries



Emotions may be on the surface today, so is a good day for any type of healing your wounds, self care is important. You may get some kind of insight and release what or whom has been holding you back. Be a warrior. 

Rewarding day for: Libra

Challenging for: Aries



A quieter day with not too much drama. It is a good day to plant those seeds, and be out and about in your garden or in nature. 

Rewarding day for: Scorpio

Challenging for: Taurus



A day of miscommunication  as Neptune and Mercury collide. Emotions will be on the surface and the mind will not be clear. Do not make any hasty decisions or overreact to others. A good day to connect with yourself and your spirit guides to ask for guidance. 

Rewarding for: Scorpio

Challenging for: Taurus


Remember that Mercury is still in retrograde, make sure you see what this means for you by reading 


Have a great week, bright blessings,


 Teresa xxx



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