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 CHAKRA IGINITED THIS WEEK:  BASE (the base charka is located at the base of the spine, the perineum, connects to the earth and our physical body, concentrating on the colouring red or grounding activities such as walking, gardening, exercise can help us to feel rooted to the Earth, helping us to feel more stable, in good health and possess more energy When out of balance you can feel anxious, unsatisfied, physically ill and have problems with the feet, legs, knees and bones, and constipation or haemorrhoids may occur. 

MANTRAS FOR THE WEEK:    I AM GROUNDED                   I AM STRONG               I HAVE ENOUGH

CRYSTALS TO USE:  Ruby, garnet, tigers eye, jet. 



POWER ANIMAL TO GUIDE YOU: TIGER-Assert your power in new endeavours. New adventures will bring opportunity to express power and passion. Accept that you are unique and magnificent. Use your strength and power to act decisively. 





A quiet start to the week. You may be thinking about security and not want to be too frivolous with your money. By the evening the tone changes and you may feel the need to communicate how you are feeling, be careful however about how you may word things.  

Rewarding day for: Taurus

Challenging for: Scorpio 



Today is a good day for day dreaming. if you are artistic or creative you may find that you are truly inspired. It is a good time to do any visualisation work. People will be feeling in a good mood and selfless so is good for a little romance.  When it comes to relationships however, you may be wearing rose tinted glasses, so don't put others on a pedestal. 

Rewarding day for: Gemini

Challenging for: Sagittarius 



Today the planet of luck and expansion goes retrograde, The outer planets do not affect us as much as the inner planets when they turn retrograde, as do so regularly but today you might feel a little irritable and as though a rug is pulled from under you, especially as Saturn is over shadowing the sun today too, you may feel restricted someway and energy will feel lowered. Over the next 4 months you may feel you need to be more cautious before taking a leap but as Sagittarius is Jupiter's favourite sign you should still be feeing optimistic about what is ahead. Look over the last 8 months and the positives which have come out of any darkness that you went through. Today you may also enjoy doing any kind  problem solving work, getting to the depth of any problems. 

Rewarding day for: Gemini

Challenging for: Sagittarius



You will be feeling optimistic about life and possibly making big plans but be careful not to go over the top as you may overlook the important details. Make sure that you plan very carefully and remain flexible with your point of view, especially if you work within a team. 

Rewarding for: Cancer

Challenging for: Capricorn



 It is a good day for any business affairs as you will be feeling in a practical mood. You may meet up with an older friend or relative, seeking some advice from them. If you need to set boundaries and be clear with your intentions with a partner or friends, today is a good day to sit down and talk. The afternoon will be the perfect time to talk a relaxing stroll, or socialising with friends, even if you have to work it will be enjoyable. 

Rewarding day for: Cancer

Challenging for: Capricorn



 Today might bring up patterns of behaviour that you find difficult to cope with, there may be something or someone in your life that you need to walk away from. Someone may try to exert their power. Be aware that machinery might break down, or there may be a break down in a situation, whatever it is it is time to sort it out and fix it, and not just with a band aid.…

Rewarding day for: Leo

Challenging for: Aquarius



 A nice end to the week, peace and harmony should be resumed and will be feeling in a good mood. Use this good energy wisely. Look at your life as a whole, you will feel that you can positively make changes without feeling insecure and a need to cling on to what no longer serves you. You may try out a new experience today or take yourself of somewhere you can relax. 

You may also be feeling the need to get in touch with your emotions on a deeper level, relationships may feel more intense than usual and friends will be important to you at this time, you may even make some new ones. 

Rewarding for: Leo

Challenging for: Aquarius



Have a great week, bright blessings,


 Teresa xxx


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