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CHARKA IGINITED THIS WEEK:  Heart (connects to our heart, upper back, lower lungs, rib cage, chest, skin and circulatory system ) connects to the element of Air , our sense of touch and associated with unconditional love, compassion, healing, healthy detachment and balance.  When out of balance we find it difficult to give or receive love, have a low self esteem, and find it hard to set boundaries. 



CRYSTALS TO USE:  Green or pink crystals such as rose quartz, aquamarine or aventurine. 




Free yourself of guilt and shame. Balance work and play. Keep our sense of wonder alive. Resist the barbs of others. Protect your inner child. 





Today  you may feel like doing something that you enjoy, not so much something you need or have to do, it is likely that you will distract yourself from those lists or chores. Be careful if you go shopping as you may overspend. You will be in a good mood and the vibe will rub of on others around you. watch how you step as you may be a little accident prone. 

Rewarding day for: Virgo

Challenging for: Pisces



Today mercury moves forward into Aries to stay for the next 4 weeks, giving communications a fast paced and more aggressive tone. People will be wanting to express their point of view, which is all well and good, but think before you speak as the mind works quickly in this sign. You may find it hard to focus as the mind will jump from one thing to the next. Energy may be high and there will be a need to be active. 

Be aware of your mood changes today as you may be sensitive emotionally and feel a little confused. You may over react to what someone says to you, thinking they are being critical when they are not. Not a good day to over indulge in food or drink, as you may have some kind of allergic reaction. 

 Rewarding day for: Virgo

Challenging for: Pisces



Look out for any confrontations today, especially with woman, it is a time to look at the parts of yourself that you have kept hidden. Emotions may be heighted and you may struggle between feelings and reason, it is likely a dialogue may be needed between yourself and a friend or a loved one. Try not to take a dislike to someone and make pre judgements. A conflict may need to be resolved over the next few days leading up to the full moon. 

Rewarding day for: Libra

Challenging for: Aries



 You may be feeling a bit of a night owl today and find it a little bit difficult to sleep! Energy will high, use your energy wisely. Your mood may change from feeling pessimistic to optimistic. Try to take it easy. 

Rewarding day for: Libra

Challenging for: Aries



Today brings the full moon in Libra for a second time (known as a blue moon) What lessons have you learnt from the last full moon? have you sorted out your finances? resolved any conflict? talked through your relationship issues? if not this is a second chance for you to sort it out and lead to a final conclusion. This is not an easy full moon, as opposes Uranus, the planet of change and unpredictability, so do not be surprised if some things are let out of the bag when it comes to relationships or finances. Shifts will happen, so be prepared....its not a time to hide, but a time to decide. Be honest with yourself. This could be a game changing time....

Rewarding day for: Libra/Scorpio

Challenging for: Aries/Taurus



The same day as the sun moves into the sign of Taurus, the planet of love Venus moves into fiery Aries to stay for a month. This is not the easiest of placements and can bring a few fireworks. There will be a need to relate to others, you may find yourself acting as a go between, between friends to help to smooth over any arguments or disputes. It's a good time to have some fun with friends or go on holiday. 

The sun in Taurus over the next month will bring you some much needed grounding energy, it is a good time to think about your resources or property matters and may acquire some new possessions whether it is a car, property or furniture to beautify your home. 

 Rewarding day for: Scorpio

Challenging for: Taurus



The vibe today will be a bit more light hearted. You might be off for the day somewhere, going for a drive or jetting off. You may meet some new friends, and is a good day for studying or meditating. You will be feeling in a good mood and relationships may be rewarding as you will be in touch with your feelings and will feel able to express them. There may be some news about your past or a family member. 

Rewarding for: Sagittarius

Challenging for: Gemini


 Have a great week, bright blessings,


 Teresa xxx




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