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CHARKA IGINITED THIS WEEK:  BASE (the base charka is located at the base of the spine, the perineum, connects to the earth and our physical body, concentrating on the colouring red or grounding activities such as walking, gardening, exercise can help us to feel rooted to the Earth, helping us to feel more stable, in good health and possess more energy)

MANTRAS FOR THE WEEK:    I AM GROUNDED                   I AM STRONG               I HAVE ENOUGH

CRYSTALS TO USE:  Ruby, garnet, tigers eye, jet. 


 POWER ANIMAL TO GUIDE YOU:  WOLF- Though not apparent yet, change is occurring. Trust in self to find your path. Take control. Protection surrounds you on journeys. 





Keep your head down today as the Taurus sun clashes with the planet of the unexpected Uranus. Changes are afoot and the weather may be doing something unusual... sun yes please! Some people may be acting rashly or compulsively, and your mood will be very changeable. Think before jumping into new could be a day of excitement or stress, who knows? 

If are a Taurus in early degrees 1-6 (20th-26th April) or a fixed sign Scorpio, Leo, or Aquarius at these need to be aware that this year can bring some major changes and will be for the better, something will shift, you may already know what needs to be changed or have already put in motion as Uranus may of hit you during the summer last year. Try to be flexible and except change is needed for you to grow. 



There may be a slow start to the morning but you will find that you may feel excited as the day goes on, with the moon in a pleasant aspect to Jupiter and Uranus. Again there may be a need to make changes possibly in your environment and you may need to take a step up and lead. You can do this! Show people how good you are. Relationships with others will be pleasant and if you need to do any type of group activity it will go well. 




Today Pluto planet of transformation turns retrograde for the next 5 months. The outer planets do not affect us as personally as the inner planets, but instead more on a global scale, there may be major construction work going on underlying power struggles. in the work place or within the government. You may find many structures being re built or road works going on! (my road is closed for 5 weeks) There may be talk in the news too about law enforcement, banking and the construction industry. 

Overall today your energy may feel good, and enjoy being around others, but need to be aware of saying too much or being possessive of others. Resist the temptation to indulge in food and drink, as you wont be feeling very disciplined today (not good news for me as is my birthday :) haha )




Mood may be changeable today and you may want to keep your head down as relations with others may be a little difficult. It will be easier to see the down side of life  as emotions will be brought up to the surface, despite your efforts to keep them down, and likely to spend the day reminiscing or day dreaming. 




Today brings a sociable energy as the moon moves into Aquarius, it is a good day to spend with friends, but by the evening you may be feeling a little frazzled so good to have a relaxing evening at home with your partner.



Uh oh..... Mars and Neptune are in their one day a year fight, and will last over the weekend. it may bring confusion, a low energy (take it easy as risk of catching infections is higher) and feelings of discouragement, you may hear some gossip of lies or scandal. It is possible that something you have buried comes to the surface and is uncovered. There may be a feeling of am I on the right path? am I doing the right thing? Conserve your energy if you can and confront those fears. 



A lighter vibe to end the week, although you may be exhausted from the weeks events. it will be a nice day to be with like minded people or catch up with an old friend. They may be able to give some well needed advice. 


Bright blessings for a pleasant week through the chaos. xxxxx



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