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Oh yes, we are coming up to that pesky time again where Mercury the planet of communication turns retrograde..... There is a real need to slow down at this time,  recharge your batteries and refuel, go with the rhythm of the Earth, take a break. 



What does retrograde mean? retrograde literally means backward, although this does not mean that mercury is going backwards...from our perspective on Earth however, there are times where we move slower or faster than the "retrograde" planet.


Mercury is the planet that rules communication, so what tends to happen during this period is a communication breakdown between people, contracts, computers, electrics, travel etc be aware that during this period that people cancel appointments, there are looonnnggg delays with transport, letters do not arrive, you cannot get hold of someone, people can say things without thinking or act out of character, people from the past often reappear, but may disappear just as quickly when mercury turns forwards. This period doesn't have to be negative though. it’s a great time to do anything re! Repair.......relationships, your car, objects...... Rest..... it's perfectly ok to take some time out at this time. Revisit that project you never finished. Repeat is always a theme of mercury retrograde, there is no harm in going over things again, as you may spot that mistake or have a breakthrough.




Mercury retrograde can also affect the weather, Starting in Leo, the weather will likely be very hot, and may cause a few Volcano eruption or bush it moves backwards and goes back to Cancer in the 19th, we will need to look out for rain, flooding, Tsunamis. 

On a personal level this will be more of an inner and emotional period, where you may find that you really do need to rest, any emotion that you have not expressed may come out in a flurry, be easy on yourself. If you do not feel you can express yourself however, look out for blocked washing machines, dripping taps and leaks in your home or car. If you experience any of these think about what it is you are not dealing with emotionally. 

It is a good time to get in touch with your spirituality, intuition and creativity, in fact you may find yourself surging forwards.




How is it going to affect you personally? Depending which house mercury is in can affect us all slightly differently. Read your sun sign below to find out more about what could be in store for you, for a more accurate description it is best to read your ascendant sign (find out more on my Astro birth chart page) As mercury will retrograde over 2 signs it will affect 2 of your houses. 



Leo/Cancer- 1st house

Mercury retrograde in this house can affect your individuality. You may be finding it hard to get your point of view across to others and they may see your actions as selfish. Your mind can be very jumpy right now and you find it hard to concentrate on one thing. You may also be feeling a little anxious at this time, as you feel yourself being drawn into other's problems. make sure you relax and try breathing exercises. 




Leo/Virgo- 12th house

Mercury retrograde in this house can affect your emotions and sleep. You will feel the need to be retreating and doing things by yourself, people may think that you are being offish, but you need time to recharge your batteries, the last thing you will want is any confrontation, but you may get some. You will feel defensive at this time and may react unfairly towards another. Be aware that being open and honest will have a better reaction then hiding away and avoiding your emotion. 




Virgo/Libra- 11th house

Mercury retrograde in this house can affect friendships and the community. Be careful that your goals and aspirations are in line with what you truly want to do and not what others are expecting of you, or think you should be doing. You may find some changes within your friendship group at this time. You may need to talk over some issues that you may have. 




Libra/Scorpio- 10th house

Mercury retrograde in this house can affect your work and outer environment. You may find that your working environment can go a little crazy at this time, there can be lots of phone calls, e mails and miscommunication, or you may feel like you are taking on too much work. You could find that you have your head so buried in the paperwork that you miss an important detail. Try to take a step back. 



Scorpio/Sagittarius- 9th house

Mercury retrograde in this house can affect travel, study and education. Although a good time to travel, make sure that you have everything you need in advance, check you have enough petrol in the car, set off early, double check where you flying, catching a train from etc..... disruptions are likely. If you are studying, make sure you read things through properly, take your time, you might even find during this time you are having to re do an assignment. 




Sagittarius/Capricorn- 8th house

Mercury retrograde in this house can affect your joint finances, negotiations and property. Make sure that you check small print on anything that you have to sign. Be aware there may be delays if you are buying a joint property, or investment. Just go with the flow. Make sure you check money that is due to be paid to you as you may not get paid enough or people may forget. Sometimes you can get gains however from cashiers making silly mistakes, and receive money owed to you. 



Capricorn/Aquarius- 7th house

Mercury retrograde can affect your relationships with others, you will need to deal with any difficulties within close relationships right now, although you may find it difficult to communicate your true feelings, and things might not come across the way that you intended them too. Try to avoid any type of negotiations with anybody you do not know or aren't 100% sure about. You may find yourself getting involved in arguments.   


Aquarius/Pisces- 6th house

Mercury in this house can affect your health and work. It is time for you to take a step back and rest at this time, as you may be feeling tired, anxious run down or drained. You may make a decision with regard to your health/work balance. It is likely you have been burning the candle a little, try not to take on more work than you can handle. say no! Try not to be overly critical of others especially in the work place, you may do this without knowing so be careful of your words




Pisces/Aries- 5th house

Mercury retrograde in this house can affect your creativity and thoughts. You may be feeling like you want to play pranks on others, but with mercury retrograde at this time, others will not find it funny at all, so be warned! Your mind will work quickly but think before you speak and avoid laughing in situations that are serious! Try to be sensitive to others needs. 




Aries/Taurus- 4th house

Mercury retrograde in this house can affect your home life. You may have a lot going on in the home, whether its building works, a washing machine or oven that needs replacing, lights blowing. It is also possible that you have a lot of things going on within your family, could be your parents or your children going through a transition that you need to help them with. Take time for you to relax.



Taurus/Gemini- 3rd house

Mercury in this house can affect your communication with others, you may be struggling to say what you really mean or others may be saying things that confuse you. You may find that you are not receiving e mails, phone calls or people are cancelling on you. You may be having an issue with neighbours or a sibling. Make sure that you discuss any issues with others and make your position as clear as possible. 



Gemini/Cancer- 2nd house Mercury retrograde in this house can affect your personal possessions and security. You may be feeling frustrated as you may find a hiccup to do with personal finances or you are waiting to hear news about moving house and it just isn't happening as quickly as what you would like.

There may be someone around you whom you need to define your sense of values too so they know where they stand. Make sure any paperwork regarding a new car, finance or property that you read the small print before signing.


 Go with the flow over the next month, be aware of this energy and make sure that you set yourself enough time for travel. Double check appointments. If going through the process of buying a house, be aware there may be some hiccups or delays. Remember if it is meant to be it will all work out. If your ex comes back, be wary. Is it because you are moving forwards in your life? 

Get in touch with your emotions and your creativity! Go to places that involve water. 



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