August's highlights

We go into August after surviving Mercury retrograde season and 2 mega eclipses.

Whatever dramas appeared for you, know that everything is as it should be. Communication will start moving in a forward motion again, and anything put on hold will now start moving again. The highlights this month is that Jupiter the planet of luck is moving in forward motion, so its time to start chasing those dreams, that maybe you have had to put on a back burner since April. Uranus however on the same day is turning retrograde, which could bring a fair few surprises, especially at the end of the month, when he makes connections to 3 inner planets..... 


2nd- There is excitement and stimulation in the air. Don't be impatient with others, you will be feeling impulsive. Be flexible within relationships. 


4th- Power struggles, and confrontations with those in power. You may end up fighting harder to get what you want or end up giving up. 


7th- Generally a positive day, you will be feeling optimistic and enthusiastic.  Its a good day to try a new activity or take a trip somewhere. Authority figures may try to dampen your good mood however, keep the positive spirit and just smile. 


8th- It may be difficult to relate to others, you are cool and reserved. Do not overthink any fears that you have in regards to relationships. 


10th- Energy levels may be low, so take some time out, your head may feel fuzzy. Be aware that others may try to deceive you, do not believe everything that you hear. 


11th- JUPITER DIRECT you may of had to put some of your dreams on the back burner since April, but now is the time to push forward as optimism will build again. What have you learnt over the last 4 months? 

MERCURY BACK INTO LEO Mercury moves back into the sign of  Leo, you might see a bit of a pattern repeating from last month, and a situation may now be resolved. mercury likes to have fun in this sign, make sure that any words said come from the heart, rather than ego however. 

URANUS RETROGRADE If you need to make changes, but been putting them off, then Uranus might make a few decisions for you over the next few months. Expect the unexpected! Think before doing something impulsive. 

Overall this day may be a bit challenging, you might have unrealistic expectations on a partner and be a bit of a day dreamer. Make sure you keep yourself grounded. You may hear some kind of news today. 


14th- You will be craving attention from loved ones, and show self expression in a positive way. Its a good day to socialise and meet new people, on the other hand you may experience an intense encounter bringing power struggles. If there are changes occurring, embrace them and let go. 


15th- FULL MOON IN AQUARIUS  The day will have an excitable air but you may feel easily irritated by others. Friends and emotional contact may be in the limelight, you will be feeling protective and supportive. Its a good day to look at your goals and wishes for the future. 


16th- Your mind is stimulated today, and may surprise yourself with your ideas! 


18th- MARS INTO VIRGO You will be thinking about work, health and getting things completed over the next month, you will have the energy to get lots done, it is a good month to work on your own rather than with others. Keep yourself active and watch out for any little accidents. Don't rush around. 


21st- It is an confusing day, its not a good day to hide any secrets, others will see through it. Neither is it a good day for any kind of business dealings, leave to another day if you can. 


23rd- SUN INTO VIRGO You will start to think about your duties and responsibilities, and may feel the need to redefine your techniques or any procedures. Mind will become sharp and clear. Take good care of your health. Get any outstanding check ups done. 


24th- There may be a strong attraction to the opposite sex and feel physical passion towards another or a goal. It is a good day to be creative. 

You may need to get to the bottom to an issue. keep n open mind and do not become obsessive. 


26th- Day to do something exciting and different, you may feel the desire to do something unusual and out of your comfort zone. Be aware any relationship that starts today, can end in a flash and leave you confuzzled. 


28th- Its a day to start a new activity and have different encounters Its a great day for your personal growth, you can break free from any self limitations and discover a lot about yourself! 


29th- Another exciting day, you can learn about yourself in new ways, your perception is heightened and you will not be afraid to be you and shine bright! You could end up being rather energetic and restless, so is a god day to exercise. 


30th- NEW MOON IN VIRGO You may be repressing your emotional side today, its a good time to do some home crafts and looking at your personal hygiene habits. Try not to be hyper critical of yourself or others. Some people may be playing the martyr game. Its a good time to start a new eating or exercise regime. 




If you know you Ascendant sign or your moon sign, read these too as may relate more to what is going on for you right now. 




Things are starting to look up for you. You will be wanting to enjoy life, having some fun and being creative. Children may be taking up your time, but should be rewarding. The new moon on the 15th will lead you to be wanting to be sociable. be aware however of any conflict that you may have with a friend. The end of the month brings your working environment into the spotlight, especially on the 30th. Is it time for a change? Put your health first. 

BEST DAYS: 19,20         

REST:  4,5 





This month might make you feel a little out of sorts. You will enjoy taking some time out to spend at home and may be thinking about redecorating and decluttering. Relationships with parents will be rewarding at this time. The 15th can bring a little chaos into your workplace, so be aware, its a good time to define  your work goals and aspirations. The months end will leave you in a sociable mood and wanting to let your hair down. be careful on the 30th, as you may become a little possessive of your partner, or too flirty with one someone who isn't. 

BEST DAYS:  21,22

REST: 6,7,8 





It may be a month of communicating and getting honest within relationships, if you are at a stale mate it is time to make some changes. It is a great month for you to go travelling, especially around the 15th, and its possible you will meet some new friends from a foreign land. The end of the month brings your home into focus, take time out to relax and make any changes that you feel are needed to brighten it up.  

BEST DAYS: 23,24,25

REST: 9,10





You should feel a release this month and start moving in a forward direction, do not let money and possessions that you have define you. You are worthy, believe in yourself. Any investments you make this month will go smoothly. The full moon on the 15th might leave you feeling a little emotional and there may be discussions about joint property. The months end you are going to be very busy, communicating with ease. The new moon on the 30th might bring you some news from a sibling or relative. 

BEST DAYS: 26,27

REST: 11,12





You may be in the spotlight this month, after a period or rest and renewal, you are now ready to shine your light. However you may get a few unexpected surprises at work this month, stay cool and don't react before thinking. The full moon on the 15th will bring your relationships into the spotlight. It is time to think about what you really want and need from each other. The new moon on the 30th, may bring fresh starts in regard to property and any negotiations. 

BEST DAYS: 1,28,29

REST: 13,14,15





You will feel a need to retreat this month, it is a good time to have a clear out emotionally and may find yourself in a situation where you need to be open minded. You will learn something new about yourself. The full moon on the 15th will have you redefining your health and think about where you have been giving too much energy away to others. The end of the month tempo will change and you will feel energised, the new moon on the 30th will make you want to relate and be around others. 

BEST DAYS: 2,3 30,31

REST: 16,17,18





A friendship or relationship may leave you feeling confused this month, however you will feel the need to be sociable, and may be doing public speaking or some kind of networking event. Children around you may be challenging on the full moon, but you will be feeing in a creative mood, so have fun.  The new moon on the 30th might make you feel the need to retreat. Don't be hyper critical of yourself, its a good time to have a break at the end of the month and work on your own if you can!


REST: 19,20





You will be thinking about your work goals this month and get on well with co workers. There may be some surprises within your relationships at the months end. Make sure you have your personal finances in order as someone can make it difficult for you. be prepared and all will be well. Your home will be in the spotlight on the 15th, you may be thinking of decorating or renovating. The new moon on the 30th puts you in a sociable mood, its a good day to spend with like minded friends. 

BEST DAYS: 6,7,8

REST: 21,22





Be ready for your new direction, whatever has been pulling you recently, its time to take a leap of faith. Your ruling planet  Jupiter moves direct on the 11th, bringing back some vitality and optimism. You may be thinking about travelling or starting a new study. It is the perfect month to go on a trip, by the months end your focus will turn to work. Be careful how you communicate on the 15th and there may be some issues that needs sorting with siblings or neighbours. The new moon on the 30th brings you new connections with work and you will be noticed by superiors. Try not to be impulsive at the months end, you may be feeling restless.  


REST: 23,24,25





You may have the urge to discover something new and find yourself expressing in a new way. You will feel in touch with your emotions at this time. Don't overspend on the 15th, you will be tempted to splurge. You may start thinking  about property matters. By the months end you will be thinking about travel and study, if you started a new study that isn't fulfilling you then its ok to leave it behind. The 3oth is a great time for you to go on a road trip! 

BEST DAYS: 11,12

REST: 26,27





It is time to say yes to those new opportunities, relationships and collaborations will go smoothly. It is also time to put your dreams into action. There may be a few dramas around the home, but it is the best time for you to let go of any baggage or unnecessary drama. The 15th could make you either very generous or selfish. Find a balance. The new moon on the 30th may make you feel a little emotional, but you could get some good news about a property or land that you have had your eye on for some time.  

BEST DAYS: 13,14,15

REST: 1,28,29





You have been working hard this year, giving service to others and now it is time to be recognised. Share your ideas and creativity with others. Your reputation is flying high. You may be concerned about your health and spending money on it. It is not a good time to overindulge, but is a good time to get some rest and recharge on the 15th as you may feel misunderstood by others. Relationships are in the spotlight at the new moon on the 30th, any conflicts will be emotionally charged, get things out in the opening, there is a chance for new beginnings.  

BEST DAYS: 16,17,18

REST: 2,3,30,31



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