2020 vibes

2020 vibes!

Wow, where has 2019 disappeared too? This year has not been easy for many people, with the Mercury retrogrades being in water signs, Uranus the planet of change moving into Taurus to  stay for the next 7 years and Saturn (caution), Pluto (transformation) and the moon node (past) all dancing together in practical Capricorn, anything that is not working, would of fallen apart, you may of had to rebuild or walk away. This energy is not quite over yet as they are coming to a conjunction on January 12th. Be prepared for change. 


First of all Numerology wise we are going into a 4 energy, (2+2) but will also have the vibes of a 22 as it is seen as a master number. The last year we had a 4 year was 2011, and the last 22 vibe was in 2002. Look back to these years, what was happening for you? As you may notice a pattern repeating. 

4 is all about making foundations, planning and commitment. with 22 in the mix, this will have a lot to do with partnerships, balance and compromise. It will bring life changing relationships, whether in business, spiritually or in romance. If you have put in the hard work last year, 2020 can bring some great rewards, be aware however any relationships that are not built on a solid structure will crumble, but will be for the highest good (this may already of started in 2019.

Astro vibes overview

The stars of this year are Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto as they are all dancing in Capricorn, Jupiter will lighten things up especially when he conjuncts with these 2 serious planets throughout the year. This indicates growth and opportunities. When Jupiter and Saturn come together in December (when they both move into the new sign of Aquarius and conjunct on the 21st), there will be an important turning point, especially when it comes to laws, politics and the economy. This is the first time these planets have come together in an air sign in our life time and will continue happening only in air signs until 2159. This is likely to bring a new social order, and maybe bring some new, unique and different ideas. Technology is also likely to be moving in a forward direction.

Venus turns retrograde in Gemini this year, this is not a time to make any big commitments in any type of relationship, or make any big decisions when it comes to beauty. Mars also turns retrograde in its own sign of Aries, and will be in this sign from July until January 2021, watch your behaviour and reactions to others.

It is a year to clear up, and sort out. what do you need to leave behind, what do you truly desire to move forward?  


Dates to remember 2020: 


January 10th- Lunar eclipse in Cancer- Lay low


January 12th- Pluto/Saturn conjunct- This is a big game changer to the start of 2020. They met once every 34 years. This signals a slow evolutionary process which destroys old foundations and builds new ones through economic transitions, hardships and loss. be prepared to be knocked down to build back up better! 


16/02/20-09/03/20- Mercury retrograde in Pisces- Review, rest and reflect.


23/03/20- Mars/Pluto conjunction- Be careful!


27/03/20-Jupiter trine Venus- Good times. 


31/03/20-Mars/Saturn conjunct- Take time out.


04/04/20- Jupiter/Pluto conjunct- Good times.


07/04/20- Mars square Uranus- Be careful! 


25/04/20-04/10/20- Pluto retrograde- Review transformations.


11/05/20-29/09/20- Saturn retrograde- Review duties and responsibilities.


12/05/20-24/06/20- Venus retrograde in Gemini-Review your relationships.


14/05/20-12/09/20- Jupiter retrograde- Review opportunities and where you can succeed.  


17/05/20- Jupiter trine sun- Good times.


05/06/20- Lunar eclipse in Sagittarius -lay low. 


17/06/20-12/07/20- Mercury retrograde in Cancer- review, rest and reflect.


21/06/20-Solar eclipse in Cancer - lay low.


30/06/20-Jupiter/Pluto conjunct- good times.


05/07/20-Lunar eclipse in Capricorn- lay low.


13/08/20- Mars/Pluto square- Be careful!


15/08/20-14/01/21- be prepared for sudden changes.


24/08/20-Mars/Saturn square- Take time out. 


09/09/20- 13/11/20- Mars retrograde in Aries-Review your actions.


09/09/20- Jupiter trine sun- Good times.


28/09/20-Mars trine Venus- Good times. 


29/09/20- Mars/Saturn square- Take time out. 


09/10/20- Mars/Pluto square- Be careful!


13/10/20-3/11/20- Mercury retrograde in Scorpio- Review, reflect, rest. 


19/10/20-Jupiter trine Venus- Good times. 


12/11/20- Jupiter/Pluto conjunct- good times.


30/11/20- Lunar eclipse in Gemini- lay low.


14/12/20- Solar eclipse in Sagittarius -lay low.


21/12/20- Jupiter/Saturn conjunct- Good times. Important turning point. The last time these planets met was the year 2000. Time for a new social order, look out for something new and unique. 


23/12/20- Mars/Pluto square- Be careful!



Quick lowdown on which area of your life transformation's may occur for 2020. If you know you Ascendant and moon sign, read these too. 


ARIES- Career  


TAURUS- Philosophy, Travel, spiritual values


GEMINI- The way you think, past life connections


CANCER- Relationships


LEO- Health and service to others


VIRGO-Creativity and children


LIBRA-The home 


SCORPIO- how you communicate, writing, social media




CAPRICORN-Personality and confidence


AQUARIUS-Secret self and intuition


PISCES- Friendships and community 


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