Highlights for January

Welcome to 2020 and the start of a new decade. January is a time for resting and hibernating, yet we are always told to set our intentions and goals at new year, and then we are mostly disappointed when we don't achieve them, so instead use January for planning, clearing and letting go and wait until Spring to set those intentions! January will be an interesting month when we have the Pluto and Saturn conjunction occurring in the sign of Capricorn on the 12th. This happens about every 34 years, the last time was November 1982. Saturn is the planet of staying power and caution, Pluto is all about transformation, joined together they can give you determination to get over disappointment and start afresh, or you may feel the rug pulled from beneath you, but this could be for your highest good. This comes just after a Lunar eclipse in the opposite sign of Cancer on the 10th, which will pretty much be opposite this massive conjunction. Change is definitely on the horizon, and new partnerships could be formed...and yes the Brexit saga will be in the limelight, I will be very surprised if we do not hear any news on this around then. There may be debates, protests and propaganda. They could be big changes going on in your workplace too, especially if you work for a large business. 


Dates to look out for (all signs):



Mercury conjunct Jupiter

It is a good first day to be back at work if like many people you are. You will have enthusiasm and an optimistic attitude, which means that you can accomplish a lot today, especially if you are catching up with e mails, doing any type of business transaction or organising your year ahead. You will be tolerant of others viewpoints and be looking at the bigger picture. 




Mars enters Sagittarius until 17th Feb

Over the next 6 weeks you may be putting your energy into expanding your mind and studying new subjects. Look for experiences that broaden your horizons. Travel will also be on your mind and could bring rewards. Take care of any legal work, and make sure that you look over your tax return. You may want to tell the world about your opinion or beliefs, it is ok to defend your beliefs, but other people do not have to agree with you. 




Mars trine Chiron

You will feel energized and may feel the need and have the confidence to get rid of any baggage that is weighing you down.  It is time to let go of any shame that may of been causing you pain. 




Sun sextile Neptune

You are likely to pick up on others energies today, so make sure that you protect your energy if you are already susceptible to this. You are more willing to help others out at this time, you will be feeling compassionate and will happily help out a relative or neighbour. You may also be thinking about doing something for charity, whether this is just taking some items to a charity shop, helping out at a food bank or donating some money. 

This is a good time to improve your spiritual well being by meditating or reading, as you may find that you vitality is lowered today. A good time for self care. 



Mars quincunx Uranus

 Do not act on impulse, you may feel like rebelling from a situation or a person, this is likely to be in a close partnership or from someone in authority. If change is needed in your life then it is time to start making creative change. You might feel angry quicker than usual, try not to take everything said as a threat. Look out for explosions and unexpected disruptions. Deal with any challenge in new and different ways. 



Mercury sextile Neptune

Today your imagination is heightened, you may be day dreaming and reading, taking some time to withdraw from reality and your daily obligations. You could have deep insights and feeling intuitive. Thinking may be foggy today, so do not take on more than you can handle. 




Sun conjunct Mercury

Today is a day for communication, and you may have many interesting conversations. It is a great time to sort out any paperwork, as your mind will be clear and be able to concentrate on any tasks. A great time for any new business ventures, or make any plans for the future. You may get the chance to travel somewhere and will want to explore as much of the world as you can.  


Uranus direct

Uranus spends around 5 months on retrograde motion. He is the planet of change, whilst he has bee retrograde, you may of felt that you needed to make changes but have not had the courage or chance to make them. Now he moves forward you may be able to start to make the needed changes to move forward.

Anyone born around the 23rd-26th April or of fixed signs- at these dates Aquarius, Leo and Scorpio, have had Uranus in aspect to their sun for the last 18 months, the next 6 month will be very important as for the 5th time will make an exact conjunction or square. For me a Taurus, this has caused havoc with my nervous system and health, for others it could be anything form work to relationships to health issues so be aware. You may finally get an answer to something that has been lingering, and means that you can start to move forward again in a positive direction. 


Lunar eclipse in Cancer at 20 degrees

Our first full moon on the year starts off with an eclipse in the sign of Cancer, and interestingly we end 2020 with a Cancer full moon too. Which indicates that this year there will be a rise of feminine and nurturing power.

Full moons always marks a time to bring projects and anything else needed to a positive conclusion, in the sign of the home, many of you may get the news needed related to the home, hear about a relative or someone from the past.Eclipse energy however can be rather strong and with Uranus turning direct, this could be a manic day. If you need to finish off any important paperwork, wait a couple of weeks. 




Saturn conjunct Pluto

You may be feeling restricted today, Pluto is the planet of transformation, where as Saturn is cautious and serious. Structure in life may be changing, there will be some kind of inevitable conclusion to an ongoing situation (think brexit, government, power) A new order may be upon us. It may all seem like an upheaval but will eventually lead to growth. There may be some kind of shortage, or someone in power may place burdens upon your shoulders. You may be wanting freedom but not have the energy to do anything about it. Notice where in your life you feel restrictions, and start to build a new structure.  


Mercury conjunct Saturn

You are very cautious, and treading with caution. You may get that feeling of not being able to see clearly or where you are heading. You may get a sense that it is time to say goodbye to someone or a place. It is easy to see the flaws in others today, try not to start an argument just for the sake of it. Communication with others may be difficult so tread carefully but equally do not express your feelings. 


Mercury conjunct Pluto 

Your mind is intense today and may be in a probing mood, and may end up going over things in your head. It is however a good time to do some research or investigating. Power struggles may show up, where you could be the victim or the perpetrator. 




Sun Conjuncts Pluto

 Something mechanical may need repairing today, or maybe you will feel like you need to recharge your batteries, or having to deal with a broken situation. keep your head down today as someone may try to exert their power onto you and behave in a rather egotistical way. 


Sun conjuncts Saturn

You will be thinking about your duties, there may be some tasks that you are putting off, but will need to get down to doing them. You may be given some new responsibilities and can achieve a lot in work. It is a good time to plan and get organised. Energy may be lowered and emotionally may find it hard to relate to others. 


Venus enters Pisces until 8th Feb

Over the next 3 weeks you will be feeling selfless and may be taking care of someone that you love, or you may be doing something for a charity. This also means you will be feeling more compassionate, yet more vulnerable, especially within relationships.You may be using your spiritual energy, and getting satisfaction from it.   



Mercury enters Aquarius until 4th Feb

 Over the next month, you will be thinking about your goals in life. You may be doing more networking, or being involved in a group in some way. Communicating is increased and may be spending time with friends and younger people.



Mercury sextile Chiron

Your body may be telling you clues about your mind, and where you need to heal your pain, so listen to the cues your body gives and check in how you are feeling emotionally. A good book to read is Louise Hay's 'Heal your life' 



Mercury squares Uranus

Mind is stimulated, may get bored easily, be flexible or the day could be quite nerve wracking. The day could be full of surprises good or bad. it might be hard to keep up with the pace of the day. Try not to make any rash decisions or be impulsive, as you could later on regret it. Drive carefully. 




Sun enters Aquarius 

Over the next month, it is a good time to be networking, connecting with friends and cooperating with others. You may be socializing more than usual, or go to a new event or group. It is a good time to work as a team. Friendships and connecting is of great importance at present. It is a time to for pushing boundaries and leading with your head. 




Sun sextile Chiron

inspiration may come to you today about which way in life that you should be heading. You may be able to uncover your fears and deal with them, enabling you to move forward in a more positive direction.




Sun squares Uranus

Today can bring some sudden news or unexpected events. Be flexible and prepared especially if travelling anywhere as there could be a breakdown or delays. Relationships may be difficult today, especially if you feel restrictive or restricting someone else in some way. It is a good time to change your routine and do something differently. Watch how you go, as you may be accident prone. Patience could be hard to find. 


Venus sextile Jupiter

Content and at peace, you may like to share your feelings with everyone that you meet. Any new friendship or romantic relationship started today will work out well, bringing out the best qualities in one another. it is a great day to get together with friends and have a party. It is not a time to attend to any serious matters. 



New moon in Aquarius at 4 degrees

It's time to start pushing forward with your goals, starting something new or doing something inventive. be brave and do something different from your usual routine. 




Mercury sextile Mars

It is a busy day and you will be wanting to show you initiative to others. You are in an energetic mood and will want to take on any projects by yourself. You will easily defend yourself if you need to, as will have an inner confidence and belief in yourself and your abilities.  




Venus square Mars

This day can be full of passion or full of ego energy. Venus energy is gentle, where as Mars energy can be fiery and pushy. There could be misunderstandings, try to compromise with the opposite sex. 




Venus conjunct Neptune

Do not put loved ones on a pedestal as you might be left disappointed when they do not live up to your expectations. It is a day for day dreaming and wanting to escape reality, great for being artistic and creative, not however so good if needing to make decisions or sorting out finances. You will feel selfless and wanting to help out your loved ones. 




Mars square Neptune

You may be having feelings of doubt or inadequacy. Its likely you may have to deal with a past mistake that you have been avoiding. It is important to keep moving forward and not to give up. Be careful of any deceitful actions or taking an easy way out, as it will at some point come back to you needing to deal with it. You may be prone to allergies or infections at this time so do not exert your energy too much or over do it whilst exercising.    


January Horoscopes

If you know you Ascendant sign or your moon sign, read these too as may relate more to what is going on for you right now. 



ARIES  (21st March-20th April)

Work will be in focus this month and you may realize that the time for you to make changes and get ahead is now. If promotion is on the cards, you should be optimistic, as you have been working so hard for this. People are starting to take you more seriously, this is especially true on the 12th. The full moon on the 10th will put your home in the limelight and you may need to find a balance between work and home. The new moon on the 24th lands' in your friendship sector, you may enjoy being with friends or have to take the lead in your work and will be thoroughly enjoyed. 

BEST DAYS: 1,2,3,29,30,31

REST: 15,16

MANTRA: I am optimistic 



TAURUS  (21st April- 21st May)

Adventure may be on the cards for you this month, and a feeling that you need to do something new and different. With Uranus turning direct on the 11th and Saturn, Pluto and Mercury meeting in your travel zone on the 12th, you may even surprise yourself with your future decision connected to travel or study. Go for it, the time is now. The full moon on the 10th may put your sibling's in the spotlight. The new moon on the 24th gives you a new beginning connected to your work. Your social diary will be busy at the end of the month so keep a tight reign on your bank balance. 

BEST DAYS: 4,5,6,31

REST: 17,18

MANTRA: I am adventurous



GEMINI  (22nd May-21st June)

This month joint ventures and finances will be on your mind and you will have decisions to make, they may be made for you on the 12th when Pluto and Saturn meet. it is the perfect time to take a leap. The full moon on the 10th puts your finances in the spotlight and you could invest successfully. The new moon on the 24th falls in your house of adventure so you may book that holiday or start a new study that will be rewarding, and with Mercury also in the same zone, you will be feeling adventurous within your mind and in love.  

BEST DAYS: 6,7,8

REST: 19,20 

MANTRA:I make positive decisions



CANCER  (22nd June-22nd July)

Romantically this is your best time of the year, and you will not be short of admirers. Mid month you could be whisked away on an adventure. There may be some kind of transformation within a relationship on the 12th, this will end a period of tension that you may of had for the last few years. The full moon on the 12 is in your sign and you may be thinking about a new image or hairstyle, you may also be true to you instead of pleasing others. The new moon on the 24th puts you in the mood for clearing and de-cluttering, you may find yourself a bargain or a lost item, enabling something new to arrive. 



MANTRA: I am Loved



LEO  (23rd July-23rd August)

Your health and well being is in focus for the start of the year, and will be busy planning and organizing the year ahead. You are determined to become fitter and healthier than ever before. be aware the the Saturn/Pluto conjunction on the 12th may put a few of your plans on the back-burner as you deal family responsibilities or to the needs of others.  The full moon you will need to take it easy and try not to repress your emotions. The new moon on the 24th puts your relationships in the spotlight and is possible that you can have a new beginning in a relationship, be careful of confrontations with woman however. 

BEST DAYS: 11,12

REST: 24,25

MANTRA: I am healthy and focused 



VIRGO  (23rd August- 22nd September)

You should be in good spirits and feeling creative at the beginning of this new year. anything creative that you take on could bring you in good fortune. Children may be hard to handle on the 12th, so make sure that you set boundaries, or a casual love relationship may turn more serious or fall apart. The full moon on the 10th you will be open and honest and may be asked to do some teaching or public speaking, do not be shy, you know your stuff. The 24th brings a new beginning in regards to your health, you may decide to start a new diet or change up your daily routine. 

BEST DAYS: 13,14

REST: 26,27,28

MANTRA: I am creative



LIBRA  (23rd September- 23rd October)

This month you are becoming more confident and optimistic about the future, and others will notice this too. You may be feeling a need to have a big clear out of your home, you have been feeling nostalgic of late but now feel it is time to move forward and let go. The 12th may bring some conclusion to an ongoing saga relating to property. The full moon on the 10th may bring some changes in regards to your work. Shine your light. The new moon on the 24th has you in the mood for dancing, or being creative.   

BEST DAYS: 15,16


MANTRA: I am looking forward



SCORPIO  (24th October- 22nd November)

You could experience a breakthrough or breakdown this month when it comes to the structuring of your mind, you may have felt unable to express yourself clearly over the past few years but you soon start to make changes. Some people will find this hard as so used to your old ways. The full moon on the 10th has you thinking about faraway places and new study, what dream do you maybe need to let go of? The new moon on the 24th puts the spotlight on your home and may bring you to decide on positive restructuring that will benefit all who reside there. 

BEST DAYS: 17,18


MANTRA: I make positive changes



SAGITTARIUS   (23rd November- 21st December)

 You have lots of plans and ideas and will have the stamina to be getting on with it, whether others are with you or not. You are also living for each moment and not taking any chances. There may be the need for a restructure especially around the 12th in regards to your finances and how you spend your money. The full moon on the 10th brings some kind of conclusion to a joint finance or property. The new moon on the 24th has you in a communicative mood and you will not hold back, you may decide on a new way of communicating with others through technology. 

BEST DAYS: 19,20

REST: 4,5,6,31

MANTRA: I live for each moment



CAPRICORN (22nd December- 20th January)

2020 is your year and means that you can finally achieve all those goals that you have been dreaming about. You will find yourself emerging like a butterfly on the 12th and not stand for any nonsense from others. The full moon on the 10th puts relationships in the spotlight, you may take a chance on a new love, renew a partnership or decide it is about time that you found one. The new moon on the 24th puts your finance in the spotlight, you could receive something that has been owed to you or take a chance on a financial investment. 

BEST DAYS: 21,22,23

REST: 9,10

MANTRA: I believe in myself



AQUARIUS  (21st January- 18th February) 

Your dreams and visions may be feeling rather strong at present, and you may have a feeling of wanting to withdraw from certain energies. It is a good time to tune into your thoughts and feelings as your intuition is heightened this month, especially on the 12th. It is time to clear away any barriers and look in a forward direction. The full moon on the 10th it is a good time to get all your paperwork in order and think about your health routines. The new moon in your sign on the 24th can bring you some luck, and could find your very own lucky charm.  

BEST DAYS: 24,25

REST: 11,12

MANTRA: I use my intuition



PISCES  ( 19th February- 20th March) 

You are still feeling in a sociable mood this month and will be wanting to go out and find some fun. You may be asked to do something for work, do not turn down the opportunity to network as could be beneficial. Friendships could be life changing on the 12th.The full moon on the 10th you are in an expressive mood and will want to get things off your chest. Be gentle. The new moon on the 24th you will feel like retreating, it is a good time to catch up on a good book and write down your spiritual goals. 

BEST DAYS: 26,27,28

REST: 13,14

MANTRA: I am expressive


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