February's highlights

Daily energy for all signs:


Despite pesky mercury turning retrograde on the 16th (more on this in next blog) This month will be much lighter and brighter than January, with quite a few positive aspects, you will want to be having fun with friends and loved ones and doing something new and different, it is also a good time to get on with all those unfinished projects. Try to let go of what has been and give yourself permission to enjoy yourself. 


2nd- Venus sextile Pluto

Friendships are highlighted today and you may meet someone new who changes your life. Love relationships may be intense. Emotions will feel on the surface and is a good time to explore them. You will want to get to the truth of a situation.


3rd- Venus sextile Saturn

Emotional relationships are really important to you today and you will enjoy giving and being of service to your loved ones. It is a great day to talk with a loved one about your feelings towards each other and come to a conscious understanding of where each of you stands. it is a good day to spend some money on art or decorating, and also a good time to get creative. It is a good time to learn from your elders, perhaps they have some good advice for you or you enjoy listening to their stories. 



Mercury moves into the water sign of Pisces and turns retrograde on the 16th-March 9th, which means he will be here until April 12th. The next 10 weeks and is a time where you will get more in touch with those hidden parts of yourself and feel a need to keep opinions to yourself. You may be more sensitive than usual, it is important to be open and express your feelings and any secrets you are holding onto. it is a time for reflection and you may like to do some studying, meditating or learning. You may start to learn more about a religion or spirituality. You may feel like going on a retreat where it is peaceful and tranquil. Do not hide from any confrontation however, the more open you are, the more people will open up to you. 


5th- Mercury sextile Uranus

It is a day for new discoveries and excitement it is important to go with the flow today and say yes to any adventures. Tackle any old problems or paperwork, you will have fresh ideas. You could have new ideas which will invite new avenues and aspects into your life. A great day to study too! 




Venus is in the sign of Aries until 6th March. Over the next month you will enjoy relating to others and expressing yourself, you are willing to make compromises, you will be feeling warm and generous and confrontation will be the last thing on your mind. There may be some kind of truce or peace making and may act as a go between for some friends. This is the perfect time for a holiday and have some much needed fun! 



There is a lot going on today, and you will need to take things slowly, you will be feeling like going on an adventure but there may be a few hiccups on the way. You will be feeling very protective of others, and may feel the need to take care of someone. Children can be quite hyper and demanding at this moon so be warned. There may also be some drama going on around you. It is a good time to get creative and show yourself off. 


10th- Venus conjunct Chiron

You will be feeling generous and kind, hopefully others will be towards you too. There is a compassionate vibe in the air and may see through anybody's sadness or anger. You may feel the need to reach out to others. 



Mercury enters its storm as it slows down before turning retrograde on the 16th. It is not a favorable time for new projects, just follow through with those projects you have already started. Write down new ideas and plans with the date and time they occurred, then work through them after mercury turns direct in March. 




 For full details about how this period may affect you personally see upcoming blog. 

Expect all the usual hiccups of delays, frustration and miscommunication. Be prepared and all will be well. On a personal level this will be more of an inner and emotional period, where you may find that you really do need to rest, any emotion that you have not expressed may come out in a flurry, be easy on yourself. If you do not feel you can express yourself however, look out for blocked washing machines, dripping taps and leaks in your home or car. If you experience any of these think about what it is you are not dealing with emotionally. 2019 brought a lot to the surface, and its really important that this year we cleanse ourselves of negativity, make sure you take lots of salt baths and walks in the rain!



For the next 6 weeks your focus will turn towards your career and goals. You will be working hard and have the drive and ambition to achieve. It is a good time however to be working from home, as there is likely to be ego clashes in the workplace. If you can align your interests at work though this will bring rewards. Co workers may be difficult, so remain conscious of their interests, and avoid conflict if you can. You can achieve a lot in this period if you work as a team. 



Emotions can be close to the surface when the sun enters the last sign of Pisces, and is a time for reflecting and letting go of the ego. It is a time to face up to any faults that you may have and forgive yourself. Take responsibility for any action. You may feel the need to retreat and spend some time on your own, this can be rejuvenating for you but do not cut yourself off from the world. There may be some confusion around and misunderstanding, be aware about how you respond to situations. be compassionate to yourself. 


20th- Jupiter sextile Uranus

A positive day where you may make a decision that will bring happiness. You may feel impatient and feel the need to make changes within your environment. Sudden opportunities may arise for you connected to money or a job promotion. It can also make you think you can take on the world, so think before jumping into spending.  


21st- Mars trine Uranus

Expect the unexpected today, this is a great day for personal growth. You could find the courage today to break away from any restrictions and will not care what others think for a change. You may take a risk on something, which will be beneficial for you. Show off your true colours and shine bright!


Mars square Chiron

Energy may be a little low so try not to take on too much, and be compassionate to your self. 


22nd- Sun sextile Uranus

Life takes an interesting turn today, and encounters with others will be anything but dull. Through activities with friends and neighbours you may encounter new experiences that expand your knowledge.You will feel alive and quick witted and be looking for fun. It is a good time to make changes in your surroundings and a time for creative change! 



Your energy may be low and you will feel a need to retreat and withdraw, so say no to any social commitments if you need too. It is a good time to communicate your feelings to someone, do not keep anything hidden. Woman can be hard to understand at this time. A great day for learning anything mystical or spiritual, and your intuition will be heightened. 


Venus square Jupiter

Today you will enjoy the company of others and will feel like indulging yourself in many ways. It isn't a good day for dieters! Also try not to overspend on objects you can not afford.  Avoid doing anything on impulse. You will be in a good mood and it will rub off on others, and others will enjoy being with you too. 


24th- Sun sextile Mars

You can get a lot of work accomplished today, and your energy will be high, health is also looking good so a good day to get active. You work well with others today and group work will be very beneficial. Self assertive, you are able to stand your ground in any situation. You may also naturally take the lead in a situation, just be careful not to step on others toes. 


25th-Sun conjunct Mercury

Today is a day for communication, and you may have many interesting conversations, but you may need to spell out exactly what you mean as others may misunderstand. It is a great time to sort out any paperwork (but be aware of Mercury retrograde) as your mind will be clear and be able to concentrate on any tasks. A great time for thinking about any new business ventures(hold off launching til March if you can), or make any plans for the future. You may get the chance to travel somewhere and will want to explore as much of the world as you can.  


26th-Mercury sextile Mars

It is a busy day and you will be wanting to show you initiative to others. You are in an energetic mood and will want to take on any projects by yourself. You will easily defend yourself if you need to, as will have an inner confidence and belief in yourself and your abilities.  


28th- Venus square Pluto

Relationships may be rather intense today and may feel that things are changing within a relationship that you can not control. Change is a good thing right now, so try not to cling on to what is no longer working. Relationships need growth and change to survive, so let go of control and manipulation towards a loved one, otherwise they may rebel. 


Mercury sextile Uranus

It is a day for new discoveries and excitement it is important to go with the flow today and say yes to any adventures. Tackle any old problems or paperwork, you will have fresh ideas. You could have new ideas which will invite new avenues and aspects into your life. A great day to study too! 


February's Horoscopes

If you know you Ascendant sign or your moon sign, read these too as may relate more to what is going on for you right now. 



ARIES  (21st March-20th April)

 You will be feeling like taking some time out to relax and get away from the usual routine and recharge your batteries, especially on the 23rd at the new moon. At the full moon on the 9th you will be in a creative mood and is a great time to connect with friends. Career will be on your mind and may be seeking advice from superiors. You are putting all your energy into a new project. 

BEST DAYS: 26,27,28

REST: 12,13




TAURUS  (21st April- 21st May)

 You will need to keep your feet on the ground this month, as may be a busy time within work and socially. You will find a balance in relationships this month and feel more compassionate towards a loved one. At the full moon on the 9th there is likely to be some kind of family get together. The new moon on the 23rd is a good time to connect with friends or attend a new group. Mars will be encouraging you to have fun this month and you may undertake a new direction when it comes to study or plan to travel to somewhere exciting.  

BEST DAYS: 1,2,3,29

REST: 14,15




GEMINI  (22nd May-21st June)

You are focused on your goals and work this month. You may need to take the lead and feel that others are being too slow. Make sure that you tie up any loose before the 16th as your ruling planet Mercury turns retrograde. The full moon on the 9th is a good day to communicate or travel. The new moon on the 23rd you could get a lucky break at work. 


REST: 16,17,18




CANCER  (22nd June-22nd July)

You will start to have more energy this month will be thinking about travel and new studies so be ready to sign up for new adventures, but be aware if travelling that there may be hiccups so plan and prepare. The full moon on the 9th be careful not to overspend and you may be thinking about a new source of income. The new moon on the 23rd you are wanting to take an adventure and be wooed by a loved one.






LEO  (23rd July-23rd August)

You will be thinking about clearing and decluttering this month and the full moon on the 9th will have you thinking about changing your image. You are shining bright. The new moon could bring a pleasant surprise in regard to property or legal matters. You have ambition and drive to sort out any paperwork and looking after your health is a priority. 






VIRGO  (23rd August- 22nd September)

It is a month all about connections and you are feeling more relaxed than usual. The full moon on the 9th you may prefer to lay low, curl up with a book and write down all your dreams and ambitions. The new moon on the 23rd brings romance and is the perfect time for a date. A positive new business venture with a friend will bring rewards. 

BEST DAYS: 10,11

REST: 24,25




LIBRA  (23rd September- 23rd October)

You are thinking about your health and routines and should be feeling positive. The full moon on the 9th you will enjoy socialising with friends or being part of a group. The new moon on the 23rd you are in the mood for organising. With Venus in your zone of relationships, you will be feeling romantic and in the mood for some pampering. 

BEST DAYS: 12,13

REST: 26,27,28




SCORPIO  (24th October- 22nd November)

You could be feeling creative and in the mood for taking a risk and chances on new ventures, You are following your own heart and will feel lifted in spirit. The full moon on the 9th brings your career into focus and may make the decisions to make some changes. The new moon on the 23rd is a great day for dancing, painting, being creative. It is a month to enjoy being who you truly are, not what others expect you to be. 

BEST DAYS: 14,15





SAGITTARIUS   (23rd November- 21st December)

Family and the home is what matters this month, you may be spending a lot of time with them, and the 23rd at the new moon could bring a happy family reunion. The full moon on the 9th your emotions lead the way and you will be wanting to go on an adventure, be prepared for sudden change after the 10th. When Mars enters your 2nd house of possessions on the 17th make sure that you do not take any frustrations out on objects. Find an outlet.  

BEST DAYS: 16,17,18

REST: 4,5




CAPRICORN (22nd December- 20th January)

It is a good month to set those goals and intentions. Just be 100% sure of what you do really want. Trust your intuition this month. The full moon on the 9th is a good day to have a declutter and cleanse. The new moon on the 23rd it is a good time to communicate your feelings to another. After the 17th you will have lots of energy and might start to think about a new fitness regime. 


REST: 6,7




AQUARIUS  (21st January- 18th February) 

Focus may be on finances this month, especially after the 16th when Mercury turns retrograde in this zone. It is a good time to link money making to your free spirited ways, so focus on what you enjoy. The full moon on the 9th brings out your romantic side and may enjoy a cosy night in. The new moon on the 23rd it is time to say goodbye to old habits and maybe sell some items you no longer need to make room for the new. 

BEST DAYS: 21,22,23

REST: 8,9




PISCES  ( 19th February- 20th March) 

You are in the spotlight this month and feeling full of life. You could be offered some new opportunities, just be aware the Mercury turns retrograde in your sign from the 16th, so hold off signing any contracts for a while. The full moon on the 9th has you looking at your routines and may take up a new interest. The new moon on the 23rd is in your sign and is a great day to indulge yourself or make a fresh start.

BEST DAYS: 24,25

REST: 10,11


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