Highlights for all signs

So, despite spending the month of April in quarantine it seemed to of flown by. There will be a slowing down in May as we have Venus, Saturn and Jupiter all retrograding mid month. There will be a need to go within and reassess relationships, finances, career and your spirituality. We may feel a little tested this month and do not be surprised if you hear of a few rebellions or protests.  




Venus square Neptune

You will be feeling creative and romantic and have a greater appreciation of beauty and your surroundings. It is a great day to sing or make a piece of artwork. Spend time in your garden or within nature. You will be sensitive to the needs of others and should be feeling in a pleasant and dreamy mood. It is a good day to use your imagination and get lost in fantasy and dreams.



Sun conjunct Mercury

It is a day to have many conversations, as words will come easier than ever before. If you need to get your point across to someone or speak your truth this is a great day to do so. Your mind is clear and is also a great time to start a new project. Also spend some time thinking about your future. You will be feeling restless so try and move around as much as you can. 




Mercury sextile Neptune

Today your imagination is heightened, you may be day dreaming and reading, taking some time to withdraw from reality and your daily obligations. You could have deep insights and feeling intuitive. Thinking may be foggy today, so do not take on more than you can handle.



Your emotional world will be intense today, you can be feeling a little possessive or anxious and end up thinking about the past, It is a good day to let go of any attachments and do not spend too much time brooding over things that you can not control. 



Mercury trine Pluto

You are wanting to get to the bottom of things today and may be looking at your inner world and want to understand it better, so it is a good day to read or learn more about psychology or astrology. You may learn something new today. Be careful not to become obsessive about an idea or person. 



Sun sextile Neptune

You are likely to pick up on others energies today, so make sure that you protect your energy if you are already susceptible to this. You are more willing to help others out at this time; you will be feeling compassionate and will happily help out a relative or neighbour. You may also be thinking about doing something for charity, whether this is just taking some items to a charity shop, helping out at a food bank or donating some money. This is a good time to improve your spiritual wellbeing by meditating or reading, as you may find that you vitality is lowered today. A good time for self-care.


Mercury trine Jupiter

Your mind is clear and sharp today and will have a good understanding of patterns that you may repeat in your life. You will have a clear understanding too about your life goals moving forward. You feel a need to work alongside others and see the benefits of working as a team. You may be itching to travel and will be thinking about places you can visit when you are able.




Saturn turns retrograde for 5 months every year, the energy can be subtle but often can bring restrictions and is a time of reflection, We need to be careful with this retrograde as we already are experiencing a separation from loved ones and friends and may socially isolate ourselves to the point of feeling alone, depressed and have a feeling of going insane. We need to keep our spirits high by connecting and talking to others as much as we can. This could also lead to a few rebellions around the globe.  


Mercury square Mars

You may be feeling a little touchy and irratible today and find other people challenging. You will feel like you are walking on eggshells around others as there wil be an air of defensiveness. You might have to fight for what you believe in today, make sure that you do not let your ego get in the way as may end up in a battle. Watch how you go, as this transit can cause little accidents whilst walking, driving or handling hot objects, connect with how you are feeling as anything that happens today could be a result of your pent up anger. Find an outlet to express yourself. 



Mercury in it's home sign of Gemini, is generally lighter and more relaxed, people communicate well at this time and could bring some good news to people within the next 3 weeks. It is a good time for any type of negotiations or having a job interview. 



Mercury trine Saturn-

Today you will be thinking seriously and dealing with practical matters. You will be able to get on top of things and concentrate on tasks at hand. Organise your office space or your home. You might be feeling reserved and rather spend time on your own today, it is however a good time to connect to an elder. 





Venus turns retrograde once every 18 months for around 40 days and gives you a chance to think about your attitude towards love and finances. You will notice her light not as bright in the sky. Relationships can be tested at this time and is the one time where getting married is unadvisable, as there may be hiccups and the focus tends to be on the past. This is a time where an ex can pop up out of the blue, and where you may have to re direct your goals when it comes to creative projects or finances. (see next post for how this time may affect you personally)



Mars does not enjoy being in the sign of Pisces, as Mars is wilful and energetic, where as Pisces being a water sign will damp this energy down  and can indicate a few storms over the next month. There may be a feeling of fight or flight especially with Venus being retrograde too. Make sure you keep up your active activities or find a new creative project you can put your energy in to. 





When Jupiter turns retrograde ( Which is does for 5 months every year) it gives us a chance to revaluate our goals and gives us a time for reflection and re examine our philosophies and may re direct us to a new spiritual practise.




Sun trine Pluto

If a situation around you has become confused or out of hand, then today is the day to sort it out. You may even feel like having a clear out. It is a day when you will be thinking deeply, and want to get to the bottom of any work. You may be working on self transformation and is a good day to learn something new. 



Mercury sextile Chiron

This is a day where you will take whatever is said literally and be feeling sensitive to others emotions. it is a good day to look at what is wounding you or what you are holding onto. Communicate how you are feeling to others. 



Sun trine Jupiter

Today is a good day and everything should work out just as you planned. You will be feeling positive and is a great day to be around your friends or be a part of a group. Relationships with people in authority is also looking good so can be quite a productive and enlightening day. 




When the sun moves into Gemini it normally increases your interactions with neighbours, siblings and friends. Clear communication will be important over the next month, and is a good time to express to someone how you are feeling, but make sure that you listen to others as well as talk. You may also be feeling quite restless and feel the need to go out and about or take up a new study. 


Venus square Neptune

 It is a day of day dreaming and your imagination will be colourful. make sure you do not put loved ones on a pedestal or get too carried away with your fantasies. if starting a new relationship make sure you take your time before committing seriously, and if in a relationship there may be some kind of breakdown. 




It is a busy New Moon with lots of communication going on, think before you speak as you could end up letting out a secret or speak in a flurry of words and say something you later regret. Also make sure that you do not automatically respond to something that is said, as people may take you the wrong way. It is a good day to write, journal or blog, and may want to reach out to a neighbour or sibling, or you may find that they are being a little demanding. It is a great time initiate new communications or start a new study.  



Sun trine Saturn

Whatever you focus on today, you will have the willpower to finish. Good day to concentrate on anything you need discipline for, or if you need to re organise anything or make new plans. You will feel a sense of achievement. 



Mercury conjunct Venus

Love will be in the air today and you may be very expressive. it is a good day for scientific research, listening to music or writing poetry and normally  favourable for financial dealings, but be aware with Venus in retrograde, you could find there are a few hiccups. You will want to express your feelings to a loved one.



Mercury square Neptune

You may be feeling confused or overwhelmed and end up being misunderstood, despite having the best of intentions. If faced with a confrontation, you will need to face it rather than hide and the reality of the situation is not going to be as bad as you think. It is best to avoid any kind of negotiations today as you may have the wool pulled over your eyes. 




Mars sextile Uranus

Expect the unexpected today, this is a great day for personal growth. You could find the courage today to break away from any restrictions and will not care what others think for a change. You may take a risk on something, which will be beneficial for you. Show off your true colours and shine bright!




Mercury quincunx Pluto

A good day for getting to the bottom of a problem or puzzle, you could resolve an ongoing problem or find that someone is causing one. There may be someone trying to convince you of something you disagree with, make sure you do not get talked into something that you do not believe in. It is a good day to speak to a counsellor. Obsessions may be heightened today.  




Mercury quincunx Jupiter

You will be feeling quite optimistic and possible be thinking about big plans. Be careful of getting carried away, expecting others to have the same enthusiasm as you, as you may come across as self righteous. Make sure that you look at all the small details especially if you are entering any kind of contract. 





In emotional Cancer to stay until August (as turns retrograde in June), Mercury will heighten your intuition, perceptions and feelings. You will act from your gut instinct. It will be a time of withdrawal, feeling hermit like with a liking of staying at home and withdrawing from too much social activity. You may look back to the past and find it hard to concentrate on the present. You be reminiscing by looking through old photos. 




Sun sextile Chiron

Inspiration may come to you today about which way in life that you should be heading. You may be able to uncover your fears and deal with them, enabling you to move forward in a more positive direction.



Mercury quincunx Saturn

Your thinking will be serious and will be concerned with your place in the world. Try not to dwell too much on difficulties within relationships or feelings of loneliness or isolation. Try to do an activity that will cheer you up, as today's negative thinking will drag you down. We tend to think the worst of any situation at this time, so do not make any big decisions. 




If you know you Ascendant sign or your Moon sign, read these too as may relate more to what is going on for you right now. 



ARIES  (21st March-20th April)

Communication is key for you this month and you may get a chance to go for a promotion at work or have an opportunity for better pay. You are needing less drama in your life, and happy to walk away from anyone that causes any. The full Moon on the 7th has you thinking about property or shared resources. It is a good time to sort out any paperwork that you have been putting off. Money may come to you in an unexpected way. At the new Moon on the 22nd you may hear some news regarding a neighbour or sibling. When your ruling planet Mars moves mid month, try not to look too much to the past, instead think about all the achievements you have made to help you to have faith in the future. 

BEST DAYS:  17,18,19

REST: 4,5,31




TAURUS  (21st April- 21st May)

You will find it easier to say what is on your mind this month, especially if you need to stand up for yourself, and normally not one to like change will be craving some freedom. The full Moon on the 7th puts relationships in the spotlight, try not to get too jealous or possessive of your partner or over react to an innocent comment. Money matters may be on your mind and you will be thinking how you can plan for the future, especially on the 22nd at the New Moon, do not be tempted to splash the cash on big items. Your ruling planet Venus turns retrograde this month in your house of finances, you will be craving security and may be overly concerned about money. Be aware that you could be misunderstood or you may feel frustrated that people will not commit to your plans.

BEST DAYS: 19,20,21

REST: 6,7




GEMINI  (22nd May-21st June)

This month you will start to feel revived, you may be thinking about changing your hair colour, getting a tattoo or indulging in beauty. At the full Moon on the 7th you will be looking at your health regimes and sorting out any paperwork. The full Moon on the 22nd you will be feeling flirty ,but make sure that you are not leading someone else on as you may break a few hearts. Make sure that you accept any compliments You will be looking good this month, so make sure if other's pay you a compliment to accept it gracefully. 

BEST DAYS: 22,23,24

REST: 8,9




CANCER  (22nd June-22nd July)

You may be feeling like you want to retreat this month and could of been overdoing it lately so make sure that you take time for rest. The full Moon on the 7th you will be in a creative mood or spending time with children or pets. Your intuition and psychic abilities will be heightened at the moment so make sure you keep a diary of all that happens in your dreams and any visions. Relationships may be feeling intense, be open to the love from others, but stay true to yourself. The new Moon on the 22nd encourages you to take some time out and read a good book to help you to switch off. 

BEST DAYS: 24,25,26





LEO  (23rd July-23rd August)

You are in the mood for socialising and partying, but will be feeling restricted so instead end up feeling tempted to do something that you know that you shouldn't. Resist texting that ex or eating a whole chocolate cake, and you will feel better for it. The full Moon on the 7th has you wanting to chill out in the home and have a duvet day and watch an old movie. The new Moon on the 22nd is your best Moon to think about your wishes for the year ahead, so make a list of all your dreams and goals. Friends will be important to you at this time too and may be a shoulder for someone to cry on. 

BEST DAYS: 27,28





VIRGO  (23rd August- 22nd September)

You are itching to get back into a normal working routine, but this period has taught you to slow down and set boundaries. It is possible you have found time to set up your own veg garden or planted a tree. You may also be thinking about planning a get away for a weekend. The full Moon on the 7th you may be taking lots of phone calls and emails. The new Moon on the 22nd puts your career into focus, and maybe thinking about new ways of working ad reaching out to others. 

BEST DAYS: 2,3,29,30

REST: 14,15,16




LIBRA  (23rd September- 23rd October)

You are itching to travel or learn something new this month and if there are any family feuds going on, now is the time for forgiving. Your planet Venus turning retrograde this month will give you an opportunity to get organised, and get on top of everyday tasks. Try and set some time just for you each day where you can meditate. The full Moon on the 7th money is on your mind, you may hear some news of money that is owed to you or you are discussing getting a loan or moving house. The new Moon on the 22nd is a great day to start something new and you are likely to opening yourself up spiritually, it is a good time to use crystals. 

BEST DAYS: 4,5,31

REST: 17,18,19




SCORPIO  (24th October- 22nd November)

You are thinking deeply this month about outer worldly subjects and may be doing a lot of researching into something you are passionate about. The full Moon on the 7th in your own sign could bring you some passionate romance and you will be feeling in a positive mood. The new Moon on the 22nd is a great time to talk about your shared resources with a partner and what you would like from the future. You may be feeling more emotionally than usual and picking up on others vibes, so make sure you put up a shield of protection. 


REST: 19,20,21




SAGITTARIUS   (23rd November- 21st December)

Relationships may be confusing this month, not everyone you meet will be who they seem, and you may feel unsure of where you stand with someone. You may have been feeling your self esteem has had a battering of late, make sure you are kind to yourself, cook nice meals for yourself and even if you have no where to go, dress well. The full Moon on the 7th you will want to take some time out to retreat, switch off your phone and do something creative. The new Moon on the 22nd you may get a surprise in a relationship or you could have a disagreement with a loved one. It is a good time to let someone know how you are truly feeling. 


REST: 22,23,24




CAPRICORN (22nd December- 20th January)

This month you will be wanting to get yourself organised, whether it is connected to work or your health you will have the drive and stamina to follow a routine. It is time to use your creativity so a good time to take up some sort of craft or pottery. You may meet someone who is not deemed your normal type and you are intrigued to find out more. The full Moon on the 7th you will be feeling social and flirty. The new Moon on the 22nd encourages you to start a new routine and make a plan for the months ahead.

BEST DAYS: 10,11

REST: 24,25,26





AQUARIUS  (21st January- 18th February) 

With Saturn in your sign you are feeling a lot more grounded than you have of late, and probably appreciated the down time to re look at your plans. You may be drawn to learning about your ancestry or past life's. You are feeling creative this month and may learn something new. The full Moon on the 7th could indicate that you have been putting too much pressure on yourself when it comes to your work, it might be time for something new or letting go of a project that has taken up a lot of your time. The new Moon on the 22nd the home is where your heart is, you will be spending time around your home, either re decorating, planting seeds or tidying. 

BEST DAYS: 12,13,14

REST: 27,28





PISCES  ( 19th February- 20th March) 

You may have some projects to be getting on with inside the home this month, and have lots of plans, make sure that you discuss with a partner before pursuing to make sure you are in agreement. The full Moon on the 7th you are in the mood for going somewhere new and different, if you can't at this time then plan ahead or make a vision board. The new Moon on the 22nd may have you thinking about the past and worrying about family members. Remember that they need to take responsibility for their own actions. You  can not save them, they need to find their own way, and neither is it your fault. 

BEST DAYS: 14,15,16

REST: 2,3,29,30



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