Astrological daily energies give us a heads up about what is ahead. Based on the transits and the movement of the planets in sky, we can tell whether a day will be challenging or harmonious. Whereas, your horoscopes depend on your Sun or Ascendant sign and where the planets are within your chart, thus affecting you on a more personal level.


The Moon is not included within the daily transits as moves very quickly and energy can be very fleeting. 


This month can bring insight as well as unexpected change, starting off with a Uranus aspected full Moon in Pisces on the 2nd that could see you connecting to your imagination. Communication will seem fair, balanced and diplomatic when Mercury switches into Libra from the 5th, and romance will seem more exciting, dramatic and playful the next day when Venus moves into Leo. We have Mars turning retrograde in the sign of Aries from the 9th and connects to our energy levels, so be aware over the next 2 months you may feel them lowered and need more rest than usual. It is a good time to start looking after your immune system and give yourself some time out, as if you push too hard you can suffer burn out. Soon afterwards Jupiter turns direct which could bring some new opportunities, and a belief again in those dreams! The 22nd brings us the Autumn equinox, bringing us back into balance and a time to refuel and look at your direction in life/ Then at the months end Saturn also moves forward, bringing you a renewed strength and patience to tackle any challenges!



1st- Mercury trine Pluto

You are wanting to get to the bottom of things today and may be looking at your inner world and want to understand it better, so it is a good day to read or learn more about psychology or astrology. You may learn something new today. Be careful not to become obsessive about an idea or person.



This Moon may bring a few surprises, as connects to the planet of Uranus, illuminating your imagination and creativity, it is a great day to meditate, and connect to your dreams and goals. In fact your dreams may be rather colourful!  


Venus opposite Saturn

Regarding matters of the heart, you will act cautious and inclined to put practical considerations before romantic desires. You may have a tendency to exercise self-control in love, perhaps at the expense of emotional satisfaction and spontaneity. You view relationships seriously and value stability and fidelity in love. You may be attracted to people older than yourself and respect their life experience and maturity. You may like to spend time on your own today. There may be difficulties in expressing affection and discomfort with intimacy. You may feel inhibited and lack self-confidence resulting in feeling lonely. Estrangements and separations in love are possible today.


3rd- Mercury trine Saturn

Today you will be thinking seriously and dealing with practical matters. You will be able to get on top of things and concentrate on tasks at hand. Organise your office space or your home. You might be feeling reserved and rather spend time on your own today, it is however a good time to connect to an elder. 


4th- Venus square Mars

This day can be full of passion or full of ego energy. Venus energy is gentle, whereas Mars energy can be fiery and pushy. There could be misunderstandings, try to compromise with the opposite sex. 

Mercury quincunx Mars

You may be feeling a little touchy and irritable today and find other people challenging. You will feel like you are walking on eggshells around others as there will be an air of defensiveness. You might have to fight for what you believe in today, make sure that you do not let your ego get in the way as may end up in a battle. Watch how you go, as this transit can cause little accidents whilst walking, driving or handling hot objects, connect with how you are feeling as anything that happens today could be a result of your pent-up anger. Find an outlet to express yourself. 


Mercury sextile Venus

Today will feel lighter and you will enjoy reading, meditating or watching a feel-good movie. Relax and enjoy the day. You will be feeling the love and may tell others that you love them, as you will be deeply in touch with your feelings. Surround yourself with beauty, whether in nature or objects, as it will improve your spirit. 



6th- MERCURY MOVES INTO LIBRA until 28th September

When mercury enters Libra the next month you will have an impartial mind, coupled with the ability to appreciate many points of view. You can use skills in diplomacy and mediation. Socially aware and amiable, it is a time to interact well with others. People will generally have good manners, refined attitudes and good taste. At times, you may be indecisive, hesitant and inclined to sit on the fence.



7th- VENUS MOVES INTO LEO until 22nd November

You will be in a romantic mood, with a desire for excitement and drama in your love-life. You will be feeling generous and warm-hearted. Status may mean a lot to you and you will be drawn to others who are well-known or popular. You will like to be seen in all the right places and at the best parties. Dress sense may become important and may spruce up your wardrobe.




Mars does his once every 2 years retrograde turn, in his home sign of Aries, this energy is supercharged. You may feel a need to slow down and look after your energy, else burn out or headaches are likely, it is important to look after your health at this time, physically and emotionally, this is particularly important for Aries signs. It is time to review where you are putting your energy, are you being drained or uplifted? It is not the best time to start anything new, instead prepare for the months ahead.


Sun trine Jupiter

You will have the energy to get ahead as long as you are disciplined. Be careful not to over extend yourself however. You may be feeling in a generous mood, just be careful to not leave yourself short. Other people might be difficult today and be self-righteous. Make sure you listen to others opinions and try to find a balance between you. 



10th- Mercury opposite Chiron

Your body may be telling you clues about your mind, and where you need to heal your pain, so listen to the cues your body gives and check in how you are feeling emotionally. A good book to read is Louise Hay's 'Heal your life' 



11th- Sun opposite Neptune

You may be feeling confused and uncertain today, you are sensitive to others but can pick up on negative energy too. You will want to avoid any confrontation and tend to agree with others, even if you don’t! And may feel withdrawn and not have much confidence in yourself. Relationships can be confusing, if you feel someone is deceiving you-they probably are. It can be hard to communicate your truth and may be wearing rose tinted glasses.



12th- Mercury quincunx Uranus

Mind is stimulated, may get bored easily, be flexible or the day could be quite nerve wracking. The day could be full of surprises good or bad. it might be hard to keep up with the pace of the day. Try not to make any rash decisions or be impulsive, as you could later on regret it. Drive carefully. 


It is time to get believing in yourself and all those dreams, spiritual pursuits and goals again. You may have put some projects on the back burner over the last 4 months, and you will start to feel the need to get back to it.



13th- Venus trine Chiron

Any wounds you have recently felt through a relationship, can be healed right now, it is a good time to talk things out or have a healing session. There is a generosity of spirit in the air, and people want to help. 



14th- Sun trine Pluto

If a situation around you have become confused or out of hand, then today is the day to sort it out. You may even feel like having a clear out. it is a day when you will be thinking deeply, and want to get to the bottom of any work. You may be working on self-transformation and is a good day to learn something new. 



15th- Venus square Uranus

You will be feeling a need for freedom and independence. You are attracted to exotic and unusual partners who are independent and up-to-date in their outlooks. You will thrive on change and the thrill of the new. Adventurous and receptive to different experiences. It is a time to have fun and do something new and different. Emotionally, there can be a proneness to anxiety, stress and unpredictability.



17th- Mercury square Jupiter

Today you should be feeling optimistic and positive. You will start to be able to make plans and examine long term goals. You will want to plan, just make sure that you do not overlook the small details, and remain flexible. Sometimes this transit can lead to being overly optimistic which can lead you to acting impulsively, so think before making any big decisions. 


Sun trine Saturn

It is a day for getting on with things. You will have a strong self-discipline and will have a practical mind. Work will be important to you so will set out to achieve and tie up any loose ends. 



Your health will be in the spotlight and may be thinking of taking up a new sport, diet or routine. This new moon and is a great time to start any new projects that require attention to detail or finding new ways to be of service to others.



18th- Mercury quincunx Neptune

You may be feeling confused or overwhelmed and end up being misunderstood, despite having the best of intentions. If faced with a confrontation, you will need to face it rather than hide and the reality of the situation is not going to be as bad as you think. It is best to avoid any kind of negotiations today as you may have the wool pulled over your eyes. 



19th- Sun quincunx Mars

You are ready for some action today, However, you may be impatience, reactive and aggressive in your manner. You will love an adventure and are prepared to take risks. You need to guard against accident proneness. You may enjoy sports today; certainly, you will take pleasure in setting challenges for yourself and competing with others.



21st- Mercury square Pluto

You will need to keep an open mind today and do not become obsessed with an idea or thought. Try not to push your point of view on to others as you will probably end up provoking an argument, you may also find that someone else does this to you. It is a good day to go within and get in touch with your inner dimensions. Also, a good time to do some studying. 


Venus quincunx Jupiter

Today you will enjoy the company of others and will feel like indulging yourself in many ways. It isn't a good day for dieters! Also try not to overspend on objects you cannot afford.  Avoid doing anything on impulse. You will be in a good mood and it will rub off on others, and others will enjoy being with you too. 




The sun’s entry into libra marks the first day of Autumn. Also called the fall equinox, this is the third season in the calendar. Libra is all about balance, and marks a time where we have an equal amount of light and dark. As the leaves fall off the trees for preparation for Winter, take some time to think about anything that is changing in your life. When the sun is in libra, connecting and cooperating with others becomes important, you will enjoy being sociable and peace, beauty and harmony will be appreciated.



23rd- Venus quincunx Neptune

You will be feeling creative and romantic and have a greater appreciation of beauty and your surroundings. It is a great day to sing or make a piece of artwork. Spend time in your garden or within nature. You will be sensitive to the needs of others and should be feeling in a pleasant and dreamy mood. It is a good day to use your imagination and get lost in fantasy and dreams.



24th- Mercury opposite Mars

You may be feeling a little touchy and irritable today and find other people challenging. You will feel like you are walking on eggshells around others as there will be an air of defensiveness. You might have to fight for what you believe in today, make sure that you do not let your ego get in the way as may end up in a battle. Watch how you go, as this transit can cause little accidents whilst walking, driving or handling hot objects, connect with how you are feeling as anything that happens today could be a result of your pent-up anger. Find an outlet to express yourself. 



26th- Venus quincunx Pluto

Relationships may be rather intense today and may feel that things are changing within a relationship that you cannot control. Change is a good thing right now, so try not to cling on to what is no longer working. Relationships need growth and change to survive, so let go of control and manipulation towards a loved one, otherwise they may rebel. 



27th- MERCURY MOVES INTO SCORPIO until 2nd December

You will have a deeply perceptive mind. You will be keenly instinctive and like to dig deep to the root of any issues. Rather than mince your words, you will tend to tell it like it is, which could upset some people. You may be interested in investigative or research work. You may find others to be secretive, suspicious and sarcastic. It could be a time where truths are told and secrets slip out. Be aware that Mercury turns retrograde from October 14th until November 4th.



28th-Venus quincunx Saturn

Regarding matters of the heart, you will be cautious and inclined to put practical considerations before romantic desires. You will exercise self-control in love, perhaps at the expense of emotional satisfaction and spontaneity. You might like to spend time on your own today. You may find people to be emotionally cool and indifferent, even hard-hearted and cold. There may be difficulties in expressing affection and discomfort with intimacy. Estrangements and separations in love are possible.

Venus trine Mars

Today you may be feeling passionate and friendly towards other people.  You will enjoy social activity; you will be feeling lively and outgoing. It is a good day to do something artistic. artistic or creative such as dance, drama, ceramics or sculpture.



29th- Sun opposite Chiron

You will be sensitive and maybe looking back to the past. You are able to see your own flaws and work through them. It is a good day to be creative and switch of from any drama.


Saturn wakes up from its 4 months of downtime. This will provide some renewed strength and patience, especially if facing any challenges or responsibilities.

Mars square Saturn


This particular combination of planets is challenging to say the least. The enthusiastic and adventure seeking nature of Mars is in conflict with the obstructive and restraining tendencies of Saturn. Positively, Saturn can tone down Mars' impatience and encourage disciplined action, the attainment of goals through concentrated or sustained effort and persistence. The day will feel slow and feel as if you are 'driving with the hand brake on'. Negatively, you may find it difficult to manage anger and irritability. You may have a harsh outlook or feel a little resentful. 

September's Horoscopes

If you know your Ascendant sign or your Moon sign, read these too as may relate more to what is going on for you right now. 



ARIES (21st March-20th April)

BEST DAYS:3,4,5,30



You are needing to slow down this month, especially as your ruling planet Mars goes into a backward spin this month. You have been so busy pushing forward and showing the world what you can do and accomplish. You may have also been fighting a battle that others may not see or understand. Instead of always looking to your next goal, stop, take a breath and see how far you have come. The full Moon on the 2nd you will be wanting to retreat from the world and find some time to do nothing! You could also experience some deep insights. The new Moon on the 17th you will be looking at your routines and health habits so schedule some time for some yoga, gardening or cycling.



TAURUS (21st April- 21st May)

BEST DAYS: 6,7,8

REST: 19,20,21


You will be feeling highly creative and imaginative this month, your dreams and visions may be coming to fruition and is good to keep up the high vibe. Its time for believing in yourself. The full Moon on the 2nd is a great time to make some wishes about your goals, and could receive some important news you have been waiting for. The new Moon on the 17th will help you to feel grounded and could get some exciting invitations. Say yes to new opportunities. Mars slowing down will be reminding you to be conscious of yourself and any self-defeating acts. You may have moments where others confront you, but it will be important to confront yourself.





(22nd May-21st June)

BEST DAYS: 8,9,10

REST: 21,22,23


Your home life will be in focus this month, whether that is decorating, chatting with friends or concentrating on your garden, or bringing plants in! It will all make your heart sing. The full Moon on the 2nd your working day might be a bit on the mental side with lots of communication, and there could be some talk about finances, it might be to make the decision to cut back your hours or go for a new role. The new Moon on the 17th is a great day to have a little party at yours, or just enjoy basking in your garden. It will be really important to find a balance between what is important to you, and to others when Mars turns retrograde and find a balance and set boundaries.




CANCER (22nd June-22nd July)

BEST DAYS: 11,12

REST: 23,24,25


You may be feeling adventurous this month and going on a mini staycation. This should be fun and bring out your fun side. This is especially true at the full Moon on the 2nd, you may just decide you need to get away for the day and go off the beaten track, you never know what treasure you will find! The new Moon on the 17th is a day full of communication, you may hear from a sibling or the neighbour might share some gossip. Mars slowing down in your career zone is asking you to look at your ambitions and check that you are still on track, there may be a pause but it will be welcome. Co workers may be difficult so keep yourself focused on yourself, and do not buy into the drama.



LEO (23rd July-23rd August)

BEST DAYS: 13,14,15

REST: 25,26,27


You may be taking a look at your finances this month and looking at ways to earn cash. You may be feeling carefree when it comes to money, just make sure you have paid and covered all your bills first. The full Moon on the 2nd you will be thinking about your property and joint finances with another. The new Moon on the 17th you may get some good news relating to finances or a move. Mars is slowing down in your house of philosophy, and you will be wanting to expand your mind and get away and travel, just be aware there may be a few hiccups and take it easy on the roads.



VIRGO (23rd August- 22nd September)

BEST DAYS: 15,16,17

REST: 1,2,3,28,29,30


You should be feeling good this month and shining your light to the world, this is not a time to be shy. If you have an interview this month it will go well! The full Moon on the 2nd romance is in the air so say yes to new opportunities or arrange a date with your partner. The new Moon on the 17th is in your sign, and is a great time to think about how far you have come the last year and write down your plans for the next! Be aware that Mars being in retrograde may cause a few arguments about joint finances or boundaries.



LIBRA (23rd September- 23rd October)

BEST DAYS: 17,18,19

REST: 3,4,5,30


You might be feeling like taking some downtime this month, so make sure you schedule some time just for you. The full moon on the 2nd makes you think about your health and routines. You will be feeling active, so is a good day o do some exercise. The new Moon on the 17th you will be very in touch with your intuition so trust your instincts and is a lovely day to get lost in your imagination and creativity. Mars retrograde in your relationship zone may cause a few conflicts with relationships, any repressed grievances may come out into the open. If you can avoid being defensive and try and see the others point of view.  






SCORPIO (24th October- 22nd November)

BEST DAYS: 19,20,21



You are feeling rather sociable this month and connecting with your creativity. The full Moon on the 2nd is a great day to be with friends or be out within the community. People will want to hear what you have to share. The new Moon on the 17th is a lovely time to spend with children, getting messy and having creative fun, away from the tv and social media, this will recharge your batteries. Mars is slowing down in your house of health, so you may be doing more exercise, or starting a new health regime. Be aware you may find it difficult to be working with others at this point, so where you can work on your own. You will be a lot more productive.



SAGITTARIUS (23rd November- 21st December)

BEST DAYS: 21,22,23

REST: 6,7,8


Your ruling planet Jupiter moves forward this month which should leave you feeling lighter and more confident. You will now know what you want and where you are heading. The full Moon on the 2nd you will be thinking about the home and maybe wanting to do some decluttering, re decorating or finish that DIY project you have been putting off for years. The new Moon on the 17th is in your career zone, you may have a sudden lightbulb moment and this is the time to say yes to new opportunities, even if you think you cannot do or achieve, the Moon will be saying you can!

Mars retrograde in your creativity zone is asking you to be self-assertive and make your mind up, especially if you need to make a decision bout moving forwards in a relationship. It is likely you may find something new out about your partner, Children might be a little demanding, make sure you keep them busy by helping to connect to their creativity and fun side!



CAPRICORN (22nd December- 20th January)

BEST DAYS: 23,24,25,

REST: 8,9,10


This month you could be spending a lot of time with family members, maybe there will be a new baby born or a celebration to be had. The full Moon on the 2nd is an especially busy day visiting family, neighbours or a friend from afar. The new Moon on the 17th you may decide to book a mini break, or connecting to your spiritual side and taking yourself off to a place that feels like home. Mars going retrograde in your home zone, may bring some big changes to your living space, maybe you are thinking it is time for a move, or having an extension. Be careful not to act impulsively, as your mind may be all over the place and may be sub consciously acting out past patterns of behaviour. People you live with may irate you more than usual and find it hard to reach a mutual agreement.  



AQUARIUS (21st January- 18th February) 

BEST DAYS: 25,26,27

REST: 13,14,15


You may be feeling quite secretive this month and concentrating on family or property affairs. The full Moon on the 2nd you could be overly concerned about finances, but if you are looking for a bargain you are likely to find one. Lady luck will be on your side, so have a chat with the universe about your goals. The new Moon on the 17th you could receive some news connected to your property, receive that loan you have been waiting for a sign or sign a new contract that has been stalled. Mars slowing down in your zone of communication may mean that life is pretty busy for you right now, so schedule in some rest time! There may be some conflict with a neighbour, or relative. Be aware you will be feeling in an argumentative mood, so think before speaking and let them have their own opinion, even if you totally disagree.



PISCES (19th February- 20th March) 

BEST DAYS: 1,2,3,28,29,30

REST: 15,16,17


You may be feeling emotional this month and wanting to relate to others, if you feel you are not receiving what you give out then the full Moon on the 2nd in your sign will bring all your fears to the surface and feeling a need to express how you are feeling. The new Moon on the 7th is in your relationship zone on the 17th, so you will start to feel a renewed sense of faith and feel more secure in yourself and with your partner, make sure you do something romantic or new and different together, away from the daily grind. Mars turning retrograde in your house of finances, can leave you feeling overly concerned or worried about money, material things or what is of value to you. You could become touchy about your beliefs and opinions and unnecessarily cause an argument with a partner. On the opposite scale you could end up spending frivolously to satisfy your ego or to show off.  





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