Astrological Charts

Would you like to know about your inner workings and why you behave the way you do?

Natal Birth Charts are great presents for adults, teenagers and babies. You will discover a-ha! moments as to why you may behave out of character in certain situations, or why you like to do things in a certain way. Birth charts tells us about home life, relationships, and so much more!

They are especially interesting for new born babies, as they can tell you so much about their personalities, habits, activities they may enjoy and how independent they might be. 

I have made many birth charts for adults, teenagers and babies over the years, and many parents look back at the charts saying how they are so like it says in their personalised charts. They make excellent gifts for new born babies, birthdays, Christmas and christenings/naming ceremonies.


Also available:

Transits and progression reports which are great for knowing about any big themes that might be arising for you with specific dates to look out for. I like to do a mixture of the transits (where the planets are fixed right now and affecting your natal chart, concentrating on the outer planets) and Solar transgressions (Where your planets have moved onto energetically in your natal chart, thus bringing in new ways of the way you may think/feel/react, concentrating on the inner planets). A great guide to help you get the most out of the trends that lie ahead. Please message me if you would like to know monthly, quarterly or yearly about how you will feel emotionally, mentally or romantically (Sun, Mercury, Moon and Venus house positions) 



Compatibility reports explore the potential for a loving relationship between two people. Helps you to understand the connection between you both, and guides you to improve the quality of your relationship. This can be between partners, friends or family members. 


You can purchase these as a report on their own, or for an extra £20, we can arrange a video or telephone consultation where I can talk you through the main themes and transits. 


If you would like to purchase a Transit report or Compatibility report with a natal chart I am currently offering 10% off. (see bottom of page to order) 


What is a birth chart?

 A birth chart is a map of the skies at the exact time, date and place of birth. Each planet is plotted precisely, and the planet's influence on your life can be calculated, along with your ascendant which is the starting point of a chart and builds a foundation of your personality and adaptability.

Your sun sign is only a very small part of who you are, when you plot where all the planets are, the houses that they belong in, and the angles they make to each other, known as aspects, in turn tells us a complete picture of your personality and your behaviours.


What do the planets represent?

Sun is self expression

Moon is Emotion

Mercury is communication

Venus is attraction

Mars is assertion

Jupiter is expansion

Uranus is innovation

Neptune is compassion

Pluto is compulsion

Chiron is Wounds


What is within a birth chart?

Adults chart

An adults or teenager chart is up to 39 pages long.

The front cover will show the natal chart, where all the planets are, which houses they are in and the aspects.

There is an introduction to help you understand what a birth chart is.

Then it is split into 2 sections.

Section 1 - General chart characteristics, main characteristics and attitude.

Section 2- Is split into 4 chapters.

1- Mind and personality.

2-Love and relationships.

3-Money, business, career and travel.

4-Emotions and health.



Moon in Aquarius

With this placing, you are magnetically attractive, yet send out signals that you are cool and distant. You are on the defensive, and wish to appear somewhat enigmatic and mysterious. The flow of emotion is very controlled, although if anyone needs help you immediately respond.....

Moon trine mars

 You are passionate and intense. You may have a fondness of outdoors activities, sports and adventures. You thrive when you are in a leadership role.....

Childs chart

A child's chart does not need to be so in depth, so they are up to 14 pages long.

The front cover will show the natal chart, where all the planets are, which houses they are in and aspects.

There is an introduction to help you understand what a birth chart is.

Then it is split into 2 sections.

Section 1-   General chart characteristics

Section 2-   Personal planets.

                    Social planets.

                    Transformational planets.


Moon in Aquarius

Fresh air is really important for .... and will like to be in places where there is plenty of light. When growing up will be quite shy and will keep herself at a distance emotionally, despite this will have lots of friends. ...... will also like being around animals and as she grows up and may like a job either working with them or the environment, and she will probably want to give to charity.

As you can see I write the child's chart very differently from an adult's, as the child's chart is more of a tool to help to guide you on their unique journey, and see which areas they are confident or not so, where as an adults is for you to understand yourself better. I also write charts for teenagers (14+) which is very similar to an adults chart but written to help guide them through their teenage years. 

Natal Birth Chart

Sent to you by Word document for you to print out and put together as you wish.

For £7 extra I can print out and send to address of your choice.                                  

(Please by aware that my birth charts are not computer generated, and a lot of work goes into them to complete. Ensure that you give me at least 3 weeks notice if it is for a birthday/Christmas present, to avoid any delays) children's charts are shorter and do not contain aspects like the adults charts so I can do them quicker, but they still take me some time. If you would like me to do a chart for a new born I will do my best to do so within 1 week ) 

When checking out please ensure you add in the notes section: Time to the correct minute, place (county and country) and date of Birth and full name you would like me to use. Without this information I can not complete a birth chart. 


  • Available

Transit and progression report or Compatibility report between 2 people


 A document that can be between 10-20 pages (depending on how the planets are hitting your natal chart) Showing you upcoming astrological trends. 

When checking out you must let me know: Time to the correct minute, place (county and country) and date of Birth and full name you would like me to use. Without this information I can not complete a birth chart.


 Sent to your email address by word document for you to use or print out as you wish

For £7 you can have printed out A4 with a binded folder and sent to the address of your choice. 


  • Available


For an accurate birth chart you will need to have the correct time, date and place of birth. I can do a chart if you do not know the time but be aware the chart will not be as accurate.

Birth charts are personalised and can not be refunded, I put a lot of time into producing a chart, if there are any mistakes then let me know and I will do my best to rectify.

What is written in a birth chart tells you what was happening at the time of your birth and will tell you all aspects about yourself. positive and negative, but remember not everything is set in stone and I cannot guarantee 100% accuracy.

If you are worried about anything medical or legal than I recommend that you seek advice from the correct professionals.


All charts are for guidance and entertainment purposes only.