Just for today....

* Don't get angry

* Don't worry

* Show appreciation (or be grateful)

* Work hard (on yourself)

* Be kind to others                                                                  ( Mikao Usui)

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning 'spiritual energy' or 'universal life force energy'. It is a form of healing that uses spiritual energy, using the hands in different positions on your body.

Why have Reiki?

* If You're feeing unbalanced or emotional.

* If you're Experiencing disappointment in relationships.

* If you're Finding it hard to communicate your truth.

* If you're Finding it hard to let go and relax.

* If you Feel exhausted and drained.

* If you always say Yes when you need to say no.

* If you Have an overactive mind or feeling negative.

*  If you Suffer from stress, worry or anxiety.

* Just because :)


* Aligns and balances your energy centres.

* It's relaxing and calming, reliving any stress or worry.

* Releases any negativity and toxins.

* Can help you to make positive life changes.

* Can help to relieve symptoms that may cause any pain.




How is it performed?

Reiki is performed whilst you are lying down on a beauty couch fully clothed, in an relaxing environment, with blankets. I then start at the top of the body and work my way down, placing my hands on certain points onto or just above the body. My spirit guides work with me assisting to give you the energy that you need to any blocked areas.

Every treatment is different for each person, as we all have different energy blockages that need to be cleansed and released.

Each session will take around an hour at my home in Exeter, Devon.  First initial treatment takes a little longer. 

I am happy to come to your house or hospital, within a reasonable distance, please contact me.

How will it make me feel?

Some sensations you may feel are tingling, increased warmth or feeling cold, seeing colours, or feeling emotional. Whatever you experience the benefit is the same and you will receive the correct amount of energy that you need to bring about the necessary changes to restore balance from within.


Unlike other therapies Reiki can be practised, despite any conditions except for:

* Recent fractures prior to setting.

Reiki has such a beneficial effect on most causes.

Reiki session

A 1 hour Reiki session performed at my home address. Please use my contact page to let me know which date/s  and time/s you would like to book.



The form of Reiki healing and medicine are 2 different disciplines.

Reiki is the art of healing, not medicine, and is intended to be a supplement to, and not a substitute for professional or medical care and treatment. You must always consult your doctor about any advice about any serious condition or ailment.

No Reiki practitioners can diagnose, perform any treatment, make medical claims, offer guarantees, prescribe remedies or medication. I will always endeavour to help you, but can not guarantee success for every client.